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Review: The Stone Roses ‘All For One’

First news came of Brown and Co’s signature lemons on posters, popping up in cities around the UK. It’s result sent the Madhester band’s devout followers into a frenzy – is the new music coming? How will it sound? Is it as anti-climatical as The Second Coming?

Thankfully we got answers. Rumours were confirmed and The Stone Roses were resurrected releasing new single ‘All For One’. However, rather disappointingly the citrus fruit has gone stale, and the new single lacks signs of life.

Okay, admittedly the Madchester band do start well. In fact the first forty-one seconds is reminiscent of their magnificent debut; featuring a ‘waterfall’-esque fade, with Ian Brown’s swaggering vocals over a signature John Squire jangly riff. Yet after this strong start, the song just repeats, repeats and repeats.

This is most evident in the vocals, Brown yelps “All for one/ one for all/ if we all join hands we’ll make a wall” over and over again. But this isn’t the scratching on the surface of the problem. What does such lyrical drivel mean? In German’s they say ‘nichts’, Italian they say ‘niente’ and English sarcastic unwitty critics just say ‘nothing’. You don’t build a wall Mr Brown, you build a chain of people holding hands. We’re not at a 90’s warehouse with the police closing down your acid house rave, we’ve moved on with our lives.

Not that anyone will care. It’s distinctly average enough to get Roses fans excited at the prospect of their huge summer arena shows.

Have a listen.