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Summer Creative Writing Competition Results 2016


The deadline for The Yorker’s Summer Creative Writing Competition has been reached, and we had a great time reading all your entries.  The competition winners are:

(1)  The Coarse Airs by Rudy Dunbar

(2)  Sweet Autumn by Laura Potts

(3)  Somnium Omnium by James Green

Sweet Autumn and Somnium Omnium shall be posted on our website over the next week.  The prized piece, The Coarse Airs by Rudy Dunbar, shall appear in the Dream Issue of The Yorker’s magazine – so be sure to pick up a copy once it is released!

For any queries with regard to this competition or joining The Yorker’s creative writing team, please contact either our Editor, Jack Harvey, at editor@theyorker.co.uk or our Original Works Editor, Richard Tester, at creativity@theyorker.co.uk for further details.