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The Sherlocks Interview

It doesn’t take a Sherlock to realise that The Sherlocks are on the rise…

In fact their title is rather reflective of the Sheffield quartet’s music. It’s a back to basic brand of indie-alternative, which doesn’t take a genius to sing along to. The ‘Live for the Moment’ band consist of two sets of brothers, and have even earned the coveted title of the biggest unsigned band in the UK currently. They’ve released four singles, and even won the approval of BBC Radio 6 music legend Steve Lamacq.

Anyway, I caught up with vocalist Keiron and discussed Pete Doherty, SXSW and his #indieamnesty.

Photo – thesherlocksmusic.co.uk

I’ve heard you’ve recently played a few arena dates with The Libertines and The Courteeners. What was it like playing in such large venues?

Well we’ve never played arenas before, just sounded a lot different. The sound was bouncing about a lot more, a load of space everywhere. If you play a little venue the sound is full anyway, playing to an arena with not many people. The reaction was positive, in Bournemouth people reacted and were going for it.

So if you had such a positive reaction, is it something you can imagine doing in the future?

Definitely, we just need a few albums first. The sound adapted well, and didn’t sound out of place. For the arena shows we got a keyboard player to join, which made the sound even bigger than normal.

Did Doherty give you any words of wisdom whilst on tour?

Pete offered us some pizza. He’s out the way a lot. He turns up a few minutes before stated time. We bumped into him a few times. I don’t really get star struck by any people but it was a bit weird seeing him.

You really have been touring all over the place. How was it going to Texas playing the legendary SXSW and how did it come about?

It was brilliant, we’d never been to America, it was just brilliant! It just happened. Well actually it was Steve Lamacq from Radio 6 Music, he’s a massive fan of ours. We’ve met him a few times, and you can tell he genuinely likes us. There were about five other British bands that had been put forward and Steve Lamacq made sure we were one of them. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have been. He even introduced us to the stage in Texas. So big up Steve Lamacq!

So has Steve Lamacq given you had lots of 6 Music Airplay then?

He’s been really supportive, he’s always been mentioning us. Every time he plays use, it’s not like he plays us and that’s it, he’ll take a minute to talk about us or whatever.

Talking about airplay, The Enemy have recently decided to ‘call it a day’ as their recent album wasn’t receiving airplay.  Any words for The Enemy?

They gave us the opportunity to play in front of a crowd that were a decent size. We’d never played to such a big size, we were a lot smaller then. We played Newcastle Academy or something. You can sort of see where they’re coming from. Their last album you didn’t really hear about, not in the charts or anything… would have been one millionth or something!

Credit - theplug.com
Photo – the-plug.com

I’ve heard you’re still unsigned, some have even described you as the biggest unsigned band. What’s that like?

Still unsigned at the moment, but we’re not to bothered at the moment. We’re not chasing, we’re just doing what we do. If anyone’s interested we’ll consider it. We’re doing pretty well though, everything we’ve done so far, it’s more than some that are signed. Some who think they’ve signed think they’ve made it and don’t have to do any work. We’re making more noise than they are. We’re really pushing!

You’re doing pretty well, I’ve heard your doing pretty big dates on tour? 

We’ve sold out a lot. Playing Manchester Ritz which is about 1500 people, it’s the next step up. There’s no point in doing the same venues again and again. We’ve got some big plans, everything’s gonna be bigger, including the production.

And doing Live at Leeds pretty soon, you excited about that?

Yeah, we’re on a stage before DMA’s, Blossoms and Circa Waves. We will just be playing out set then hanging around because we like all them bands. I really like DMA’s album at the moment.

Your latest single ‘Last Night’ sounds like a big night out in Sheffield. What’s it all about?

It’s actually about one of my mates, but we don’t really talk anymore. He was a lot different to me. I’m chilled out, but he was always that kid.

What’s the scene like in Sheffield?

I don’t get much time to see bands. But Since we’ve started our band, I think that has spurred a few people to start a band up. Before what’s it started there were obviously bands but there wasn’t as many bands.

So you’re saying it’s like Arctic Monkeys after Whatever People Say I Am?

Bands just come and go. We’ve reached a phase where w’ere coming back into guitar bands, it seems to be like every ten years. You’ve got Britpop then it dies down a bit. 2004, 20005 you’ve got Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and The Libertines. Then it’s all coming back with Catfish, Circa Waves. People are just picking a guitar up and getting back into it.

So where does your album fit into this. What are your plans for the album?

The songs are ready,we’re not gonna stop writing. There near enough ready for an album. We’re just waiting. Who knows? It could be possibly next year. This year will be a big building year. We’ve already got a massive buzz around us.

And finally, I’m sure you’ve seen there’s all this #indieamnesty stuff on Twitter. Anything to share?

Yeah what is that? (I explain that it’s like a pardon, asking for forgiveness for indie mishaps). err… Pizza with Pete Doherty then (laughs).

You can catch The Sherlocks on tour at Live at Leeds in April and on their headline tour in September.