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The Simon and Garfunkel Story at the Grand Opera House York

2 hours of nostalgic music and joyful anecdotes – the Simon and Garfunkel Story is on tour to take the audience back to the 60s where the career of the Folk/Rock duo started.

The Simon and Garfunkel Story is a retrospective theatrical documentary that pays tribute to the musicians. The musical is a jukebox type of show which means it is designed to introduce a band or an icon. If you like musicals such as Mamma MiaWe Will Rock YouTina, or The Cher Show then The Simon and Garfunkel Story is definitely for you!

Picture credit: Fruzsina Vida

The stage is set up like an actual concert with two microphones at the front and an accompanying band. Behind their back is a big screen, where pictures and videos are projected for a multisensory experience. Flashing lights, fog machines and the projected films about the 60s sets the mood for a perfect Friday evening show. Alongside the most famous songs, the audience listens to stories about the interconnected lives of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. From their early beginnings as schoolboys and a band called Tom &Jerry, up to their probably most famous concert at the Central Park in 1982, we learn details about their sometimes challenging career.

The show was directed by Dean Elliott who is notable for his theatre and BBC appearances, meanwhile, the original director is David Beck. Paul Simon was sung by Adam Dickinson, and Art Garfunkel by Cameron Potts.

The actors did not try to impersonate the music legends, they rather paid tribute to them. Besides their outstanding voices and cristal clear intonation, they resembled Simon and Garfunkel– the cast was on spot! Their presence on the stage was calming and lighthearted, which evoked similar emotions to the ones in the music videos of Simon and Garfunkel. Eventually, they changed their outfits which was a subtle way to lead the audience throughout the different periods and styles of the artists. The songs were accompanied by a live band that complemented the guitar play of Dickinson. We saw Leon Camfield on the bass, electric guitar and keyboards were played by Will Tuckwell, and drums by Mat Swales. 

Besides the very much expected ‘Sound of Silence’, ‘Mrs Robinson’, ‘Cecilia’ or ‘The Boxer’, songs were played such as ‘Richard Cory’ and ‘Bleecker Street’ which are not less good but definitely less known.

The show made the audience clap and sing, which is always a good indicator. Sometimes we were asked but otherwise, we just could not resist getting involved in the music. Leaving the Opera house, we were all humming the band’s famous tunes. Also, I am probably not alone when I say, the show set me in a nostalgic mood, thinking about bittersweet moments from the past when Simon and Garfunkel helped me through some obstacles.

You can immerse in similar feelings- The Simon and Garfunkel Show is still on tour!

If you would like to experience the legacy of the musicians, you can book tickets here. The upcoming venues in June include Shrewsbury, Nottingham, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight, Cardiff and even more! 

The show is on tour until November the 15th, 2022.

Written by Fruzsina Vida