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The Classy Single Gentleman’s Valentine’s Playlist

Copyright: Wiki Commons
©Matt Groening/20th Century Fox
©Matt Groening/20th Century Fox

Valentine’s Day – romantic milestone for many, first forays into the amorous arena for some couples, and for yet more, the self styled ‘single’s awareness day’. For the classy single gentleman however, it is of course simply another day in the oh so classy calendar, this year just another Saturday night for good times and classy tunes. Here’s a small sensation to get the night going.


‘Theme From Shaft’ – Issac Hayes

This side of Electric Ladyland, the best use of the wah-peddle committed to record, and, as Father Ted taught us, the piece of music able to cure any classy gentleman of a temporary bout of the blues. Few, Issac Hayes here aside, could deliver the line ‘sex machine to all the chicks’ quite so impeccably. Live up to it this Valentine’s evening. With class.

‘For Django’ – Joe Pass

Oozing all the class that Joe Pass brought to the world of jazz guitar, like no other, and a stunning homage to that most classy of gentlemen, Django Reinhardt. Set the mood in the kitchen as you prepare for yourself a boeuf bourguignon on a cold winter’s evening and enjoy a scotch without worrying about nagging voices commenting on the classy size of your waistline.

‘Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)’ – Led Zeppelin

An underrated Zeppelin gem, warning of alimony hungry groupies. Women as succubi, which of course the classy gentleman knows to be quite preposterous, but embrace your alimony free Valentine’s evening with this stomper.

‘The Safety Dance’ – Men Without Hats

For full effect accompany with music video, replete with piping dwarves and enough silliness to rouse even the most dour of evenings into a full blown extravaganza of classy singledom.

The Changingman – ‘Paul Weller’

Pilfered Dear Prudence chords aside, this was the post-Jam Weller at his most defiantly singular. The changing man he is, and so should you be, classily, this Valentine’s day.

‘I Am The Resurrection’ – The Stone Roses

Perhaps the finest moment in the Roses’ oevre, and if not, certainly the most ‘shout it from the hilltops and damn the rest of the human race, this is my night’ moment that Ian Brown’s lyrics conjured (and there were a few). Buy a keg and enjoy with fellow classy, single fellows, of all genders.