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Thoroughly Modern Musicals: Thoroughly Worth a Watch


Tonight the Gilbert and Sullivan Society will take to the stage for the second time to perform a variety of musical numbers from modern productions, such as the very popular Wicked and the startlingly tongue-in-cheek Avenue Q. The show is directed by Charlotte Gower and George Pugh, and accompanied by Andrew Fowles and Alex Davison.

Cast member Adrian Horan said,

We had a few last minute drop-outs the day before the first show, but we’ve brought it together and I hope everything goes well.

The production opened last night despite impromptu changes, beginning with ‘One Short Day’, a favourite from the musical Wicked which featured the whole cast. Following this came impressive vocals from Samantha Gunn and Grace Levy, and a few blunders by Loussin-Torah Pilikan in her rendition of Hairspray’s ‘Big, Blonde and Beautiful’ were far more endearing than embarrassing. In between the numbers, compares Jenny Jones and Tom Bruggenwirth delivered a humorous commentary, taking light-hearted jabs at each-other. But Tom proved he was more than just a comedic host in a duet with Charlotte Gower from the musical Top Hat. Schaedenfreude from Avenue Q went down well with the audience, leading nicely into ‘The Woman’s Dead’, the final number of Act 1 – hats off to Lydia Worrell for staying convincingly still for the whole song!

The second act began in the same humorous vein, but a characteristically heart-felt performance by Ben Young (alongside Jessie Clark) brought an emotional depth to the show. In a direct contrast, cast members hid out in the audience to join in with the flawlessly funny ‘The Internet is for Porn’ from Avenue Q. Next came Annabel Gipp’s ironically playful version of ‘In Short’, followed by ‘Diva’s Lament’ from Spamalot in which George Pugh sported a dashing dressing gown. The closing number, ‘When You’re An Addams’, featured the full cast, with Maria Munir playing an especially stone-faced Wednesday Addams.

The cast, and their accompanists Andrew Fowles and Alex Davison, received a much deserved and enthusiastic round of applause at the end of the show. Despite background noise from the Lounge, the cast did an excellent job of filling the daunting space of the Roger Kirk Centre. The most impressive rendition came at the end of Act 1 with ‘The Woman’s Dead’, and would perhaps have been more effective as the final number of the entire show. Overall, Thoroughly Modern Musicals was amusing, light-hearted and well worth a watch.

The show will start tonight at 8.30pm at the Roger Kirk Centre in James College, and costs £3.50 on the door.