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Week by Week TV: Twin Peaks The Return Part 14

Harry Goaz in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks: The Return is directed by David Lynch and co-written by Lynch and Mark Frost. It stars Kyle MacLachlan as FBI special Agent Dale Cooper. This new, third series takes place 25 years after the original, one of the most influential of the modern TV age.

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This new series of Twin Peaks is going into it’s final run and the pieces are finally falling into place. At least to some extent. There were familial reveals, portals in the sky, an unexpected return, strange cameos and one angry mother. A lot happened this week so let’s dive straight in.

First off, despite Kyle MacLachlan’s name being above the credits, neither Dougie Jones nor Evil Cooper made much of an appearance this week. The only glimpse we got of either was in brief flashbacks. This meant that most of the focus was on tying up the other more peripheral plot threads, some of which I didn’t even think were plot threads.

In the FBI camp, Gordon was having a dream. Not just any dream but one featuring none other than famed Italian actress Monica Bellucci. The Matrix Reloaded, Irreversible and Spectre star popped up as herself on a dream date with Gordon, alerting him to an important memory from the past. This memory was a piece of footage from the Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me featuring David Bowie’s character Philip Jeffries, a name that has been mentioned countless time during this series. On a sad note, Bowie was intended to appear in this series but he died before he could film his new scenes. However, this small tribute to Mr Bowie was respectful and cemented his importance in this new series.

Another big reveal was that Laura Dern’s Diane is the half sister of Naomi Watts character Janey-E, the wife of Dougie Jones. I was so thankful for this revelation as it does seem like we are heading towards a conclusion to the Dougie Jones storyline. I’m imagining that Diane and Dougie will meet and the rest of the series will be unlocking Dale Cooper from inside him.

There were several other small scenes which are worth mentioning. James Hurley had a strange (and slightly overlong) conversation with a cockney security guard. His accent was quite distracting and after a while I really wanted it to be over. However, the atmospheric sequence where Hurley walked through the warehouse was tense and brilliant.

Sarah Palmer has obviously some kind of supernatural link to the Red Room. She is harassed in a bar by another Frank Booth-esque brute. Just as the scene gets really frightening, Sarah reaches up and removes her face (in the same way that Laura Palmer did in Part One) and the void where her face should be appears to be a portal to the Red Room. Suddenly the man fell to the floor with a nasty wound on his neck. Since the man’s death is so inexplicable, Palmer seems to get away scott free.

Some more information about Audrey’s storyline also came to the surface. Two women in the Bang Bang Club seem to be discussing Billy, the man Audrey may have been having an affair with. There was a great bait and switch where it seemed like one of the women was Audrey’s daughter and then it was revealed that Billy was probably a bit of a lothario.

Finally, the big scene of the week took place in the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. Truman, Hawk, Bobby and Andy took their trip up to the Jackrabbit’s Palace of referred to in Major Brigg’s note and discovered the eyeless woman from Part Two lying on the ground. As they investigated a portal opened in the sky and drew Andy up into it. I loved how this episode completely altered our perception of the bumbling comic relief. He came back from the portal a changed man. He rescued the eyeless woman and stood up to the criminals in the lock up. This was the highlight of a packed episode and the more time we spend in the Sheriff’s Department, the better.

Overall, this was a more surreal episode than in the past few weeks. It was rarely dull and had some really excellent scenes in it. There is a part of me that wonders whether this series will wrap up in any way. In the original series, David Lynch was forced to reveal who killed Laura Palmer despite originally never intending to. This series has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen on TV so you’ll have to join me next week to see how it evolves.

Twin Peaks: The Return is available on various catch-up platforms. Image Source: EW.com