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Over thirty years on from his death, it is no surprise to see the first Hollywood film adaptation of the legend Bob Marley. Through both his solo and work and with his band Bob Marley & The Wailers the Jamaican amassed an enormous global following, helping to spread reggae music and his political and social ideals to a worldwide audience. His remarkable universal appeal has ensured that he has become one of the cultural icons of the 20th Century, so it was only a matter of time that Hollywood were to pay homage.

At the helm is director Kevin MacDonald, whose has built a respected reputation in recent years with such impressive films as The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void and State of Play. In his assured hands Marley's career is extensively covered at over two hours long, and vividly realised with compelling concert scenes, including never before seen footage.

Whether you're a fan of Bob Marley, interested to learn more, or just love a good movie, make sure to head to City Screen this Tuesday evening to see what promises to be one of the films of the year.

Summer Blockbuster Season

It may still only technically be spring, but with the comic book extravaganza The Avengers sitting top at the box office the summer blockbuster season is already well under way. After last year's limp efforts of the Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hangover sequels this year already looks a stark improvement, following the more intelligent than expected The Hunger Games and now The Avengers, which thanks largely to a strong Joss Whedon script manages to be witty and entertaining rather than overblown and soulless.

New trailers have also recently been released for the two other events of the summer The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus (see below). If the two previous Christopher Nolan Batman films are to anything to go by the former looks set to be the blockbuster of the summer, though Heath Ledger's joker will no doubt be sorely missed. Equally exciting is the prospect of Ridley Scott returning to his routes in Prometheus; visually it certainly seems to resemble Scott's early masterpieces Alien (the film of which Prometheus is set in the same world as) and Blade Runner, and here's to hoping it'll more like these movies than his more inconsistent recent efforts.

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