Iron Sky: review

As premises go, little sounds as exciting, ridiculous and promising as an invasion of Nazis from the dark side of the moon, with its promise of humour and action as it attempts to live up to its bizarre premise. Yet just because the title sounds great, does not necessarily mean the film will live up to it, as anyone who enjoys cheesy action, horror or Sci-fi will surely know. For Iron Sky the problem is worse having been in development for several years, with many people having looked forward to it for a long while.

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That said the picture is not quite what you would expect as for an earth invasion movie it is far more about the comedy then the action, which in the end appears comparatively very little. With much of the humour coming not from the moon Nazis but instead from jibes about various nations especially America and its president, played rather wonderfully by (Stephanie Paul) who does a fantastic Sarah Palin impression. All of which would be off putting and irritating as it would distract from the space Nazis, if it was not for the fact that it is actually very funny and sits remarkably well within this bizarre tale, with only a few gags falling short. The portrayal of the interstellar villains meanwhile is rather interesting as we are presented with both the deeply militaristic and unpleasant, alongside their own views of the past in which they present themselves as people bringing the gift of peace and unity to the world. This is pulled of very well, giving an extra bit of bite to the humour and the world it creates, making the whole thing more interesting and less simplistic then it would seem at first glance and adding in a lot more jokes.

What is also impressive is the level of art design within the film which, particularly when dealing with the Nazis, is just wonderful, creating strange technology and environments that suit the tone of the film perfectly and look genuinely impressive. That said the special effects, though very well made given the budgetary constraints, occasionally let it down, yet this is a minor problem. Bigger ones arise from the movie's sudden changes in tone as the work fits very clearly into three very distinct acts, starting with events on the moon then the Earth then the inevitable invasion. All of which make it feel a little disjointed as their tone is rather different, yet that said are inventive and interesting even if the earth chapter is noticeably the least interesting.

Yet this is a B movie about moon Nazis made on a tiny budget; no one thought it was going to be world-shaking and we knew it would be incredibly cheesy. Something like this is clearly just aiming to be fun, and that it certainly is proving to be much funnier than most mainstream comedies. Yes it has flaws but they certainly don’t stop you laughing a lot, from the start to its wonderfully explosive finally.

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