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It's official. We are heading into the summer, the time of year when TV is at its lowest, lowest ebb. And in the last few days alone, viewing figures have plummeted; for some reason, people have decided they would rather be outside than watching the telly. But, if when the sun comes out, you go in, then there's still enough to entertain, as this little rundown shows.

TV Picks

1) An event that needs no introduction: Eurovision Song Contest (Tonight 8pm BBC One) - The Yorker will be liveblogging!

2) Very Important People - This hugely enjoyable (and, gasp, funny) impressions show comes to the end of its series on Friday at 9.30pm on Channel 4. Worth watching just to see what Natalie Cassidy's doing now.

3) So The Bridge has finished (and what a finale it was!!), The Killing's not back till the end of the year, Borgen's not back till next year... what is a Danish drama lover to do? Well they could always watch BBC Four's latest Danish import Sebastian Bergman (Sat 9pm BBC Four) I suppose...

4) Silk (Tuesday 9pm BBC One) - The BBC continues to own Tuesday nights with this fast-moving legal drama. Still not quite sure what Maxine Peake's accent is supposed to be, though...

5) And finally, the most prestigious event in the TV calendar: the BAFTAs (Sun 8pm BBC One). But who's going to win? Well, I've had a few ideas about that...

BAFTA Winners (you heard it here first...)

Let's take a look at the major awards that are going to be handed out tomorrow night...

Leading Actor

Will win & should win: Dominic West (Appropriate Adult)

If Dominic West does not win this award then there must have been a miscount. His performance as Fred West (sadly, not a relative...) was perhaps the most mesmerising performance of the last ten years. And, let's face it, these awards dos always love it when well-known actors play real-life people (cough Meryl Streep). His only real competition is from a certain Mr Cumberbatch who plays some guy in a show that nobody much watches.

Leading Actress

Will win & should win: Emily Watson (Appropriate Adult)

You're probably seeing a pattern here... But, Watson did give the performance of her career, so you know. Last year's winner Vicky McLure is up again for This is England '88, but I can't see they'd be that boring and let her win again. Romola Garai is therefore the most likely contender for the acclaimed (and boring) The Crimson Petal and the White.

Drama Series

Will win: Anything except Spooks

Should win: The Fades OR Scott and Bailey

This really is an open category this year (except for Spooks - was it nominated out of good will?). I would love to see The Fades win as it was the best new drama of 2011, and it's been axed by the Beeb, so if it wins, they might have to think again. But who wouldn't love Scott & Bailey to win? It offers a masterclass in how to write real women characters, and Amelia Bullmore just rocks. Nuff said.


Will win: The Killing/Borgen

Should win: Borgen

Leaked inside info suggests they're going to rename this award 'The BBC Four Award for International Danish Import'; it really is going to be a face off between The Killing and Borgen. The Killing won last year and, to my mind, the second series wasn't quite as good as the seminal first, while Borgen went and proved that good Danish drama doesn't also have to be crime drama, so I hope the Academy see sense and Vote Moderate!

Situation Comedy

Will win: Rev.

Should win: Mrs. Brown's Boys

OK, I'm not saying that Mrs Brown's Boys is better than Rev. as such. But it is funnier. And, if it did win, it would be worth it just to see how the Daily Mail would react to such 'filth' winning a BAFTA.

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