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Aesthetica 2019: ‘Comedy 6’


Aesthetica was held for the 9th time from the 6th to the 10th of November and one of the set of short films that was enjoyed was a set of Comedy shorts on the Friday night, held at The York Theatre Royal.

The programme consisted of 6 comedy short films, each as brilliant as the last. First up: Cash Stash. This french short depicts the unlikely scenario that leads to a hilarious set of events. A man has a stroke, when he awakes, two men claim that there is a ‘stash of cash’ somewhere which they collectively robbed as a three. They accuse him of pretending to not remember in order to keep the money for himself. This film is packed tight with well developed characters, slapstick comedy and a quirky sense of humour that is the driving force of the film as a whole.

Let’s Roll was the second film in the lineup. A young woman defies her mother and the expectations of the town to partake in the annual cheese rolling contest which had previously only been upheld by men. This unique story is a heartwarming film lovingly depicting the life of a small community. Some of the acting was questionable at times which tended to lift you out of the story however it ultimately left you with a warm feeling about community and a sense of belonging.

Ghosted was simply hilarious. Starring Alison Steadman (Pam from Gavin and Stacey) it follows a woman who, since losing her husband, has ‘found the gift’. What ensues is a comedy that is hilarious as the reactions of the characters around her are so very realistic.

Sad Sachs is an Australian comedy about the increasingly more outrageous events that take place as 2 sisters and their brother ride in a hire car to a wedding. At times it felt like it was on the verge of being a brilliant comedy along the lines of Broad City however it would then fall just short of this expectation. I would be excited to see a spin off show inspired by the narrative of the film though.

The Last Supper is a brilliant parody on The Last Supper of Jesus, with two of his disciples pitching PR ideas to Jesus at the famous dinner table scene. The production value was brilliant, complimenting the comedy on screen perfectly.

Finally, Neil’s Yard depicts a self help group aimed at helping builders to stop objectifying women. An extremely funny watch although the final joke of the film did ruin the overall feel slightly. The last gag was definitely not necessary as the idea of the film was so funny in its conception.

Overall the programme was packed with laughs, it’s always a delight to watch short films on the big screen.

The winners of the 2019 Aesthetica Film Festival have since been announced on the website which can be found here: https://www.asff.co.uk/awards/