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Source: Vox. Credit: Paramount Pictures.
Source: Vox. Credit: Paramount Pictures.
Source: Vox. Credit: Paramount Pictures.

I’m going to start off by saying that romantic and drama movies are not my cup of tea at all and I try to avoid any contact with them as much as possible. However, because Allied has a very interesting synopsis and it’s categorised not only as romantic but also as a thriller, I decided to give it a shot. The conclusion? It was a really good movie. At some point, I even stopped taking notes because the movie was too gripping to take my eyes off of the screen.

Long story short (and without any spoilers), the movie takes place during the World War II and it’s about an intelligence officer played by Brad Pitt and a resistance fighter played by Marion Cotillard who meet on a mission where they have to eliminate a German ambassador. After they complete the mission successfully they realise they are in love with each other and get married (such a cliché, I know). But, here comes the interesting part! After a year of a happy marriage and having a child, Pitt’s character is informed by his superiors that his wife is suspected of being a spy for the Germans and after that he goes back and forth between trusting his wife and doubting her. And this is where I put an end to the summary. You have to watch the movie to find out if she was a spy or not (and don’t cheat by looking it up on the Internet!).

The trailer wasn’t too clear about the content of the movie, so I expected a brief 10-15 minutes long retelling of how the two main characters met and fell in love and then get into action. Eventually, while watching the movie, I understood that the story of how they met would take almost half of the movie. So, basically, the movie is split into two parts, not that it would be a bad thing. I just wanted to make clear that the movie won’t be just about how Pitt’s character is dealing with the fact that his wife might be a spy.

I think Pitt and Cotillard did a great job playing their characters. The relationship between them, which was the core of this movie, went really smooth from the beginning till the end. It happens all the time to see scenes in a move that are supposed to be romantic but end up being very cringey. That’s usually because those moments are rushed.  Well, in my opinion, here it’s not the case. Every time they get closer it looks very natural, not forced. So, it is very entertaining to watch their story unfold. Not to mention that at some point in the movie they have this moment when they stare lovingly into each other’s eyes without noticing anyone else around. It made their feelings look very genuine.

On to my favourite bits! First, because I love the fashion of the 40s, of course I have to praise the outfits. They looked amazing! Also, the music genre that dominates throughout the movie – jazz – went really well with everything else. Overall, I think it was a very well put together movie with attention to details. Secondly, we can probably agree that today, we are used to seeing movies with spies that use this very advanced technology, but back then, spies had to cope with rudimentary devices. That is why it is interesting that this movie gives an insight to how the spies worked at that time. Lastly, I should add that Brad Pitt looked amazing in this movie. He was very charming and his haircut was really nice. Or, maybe it’s just me fangirling…

The movie has a few dramatic scenes, but nothing compares to the ending. The ending is excessively dramatic to say the least. I can’t go into too much detail without spoiling you, but, I, for one, didn’t like how it ended at all. But again, you have to see it for yourself to know what I’m talking about. The effects seem a bit outdated at times. For instance, when they’re in the desert, you can clearly tell the background is a green screen and that also happens when they’re in the car. There are a few clichés here and there and a few scenes that aren’t realistic but I think no movie can avoid these. But, because we’re students, not critics, I think we can overlook these mistakes, as long as the movie is good.

Therefore, I reckon you should add Allied to your ‘watchlist’. Not because it’s a one of a kind type of movie, not because it’s an Oscar winner or because it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. No! It’s because it’s a hell of an entertaining movie, even for drama haters like myself.

(P.S.: If you decide to watch the movie, you should have some tissues with you just in case you want to wipe a tear or two at the end)