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Are you interested in a career in journalism? Or perhaps you just have a passion for writing?

The Yorker, the University of York’s leading independent online media outlet, welcomes all kinds of writers, whether you want to write regularly or fit in articles around a tighter work schedule. With sections ranging from news, politics and satire to sport, lifestyle and arts, there is a field for all interests. We have also recently expanded into print, and bring out a magazine twice annually.

Attracting several hundred thousand hits each year, and as the only 24-hour news provider on campus, The Yorker is quickly becoming the top source for student journalism at the University of York. The Yorker offers continuous publishing, unhampered by tricky word limits, restricted printing space or censorship from the student union and gives you the chance to share your articles with the world.

We accept new writers all year round, so don’t let the date hinder you from getting involved. We’re rapidly growing and are looking for anyone who wants to write.

If you want to be part of the team, please contact the editor at editor@theyorker.co.uk and browse the website to find out more about us.

Do you have a passion for photography? The Yorker also has a team of photographers, providing photos for articles, ranging from city and campus shots to pictures for comment and blog pieces. Photographers help to cover key events throughout the year, including on-campus elections, student union events and the annual Roses competition.

If you’re interested in helping make The Yorker‘s site brighter, please email editor@theyorker.co.uk.

Do you want to be involved in running a student-run business? Do you see business opportunities where others don’t? Are you keen to get involved in one of the largest student-run businesses in the city of York? Then you are perfectly suited to get involved with The Yorker.

The Yorker’s business team is looking for committed, hard-working individuals to help us cover areas including Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Finance. If you’re interested, contact Nicole Sabau and Binal Raval, our Managing Director’s, at director@theyorker.co.uk.

Are you skilled in website management? The Yorker’s web team is responsible for maintaining and developing the website, managing everything from site coding to graphic design. The team is crucial to The Yorker and its status as an online media outlet, which offers interactive and exciting content for its users.

If you’re interested in joining the team, contact the Editor at editor@theyorker.co.uk for more details.

Membership for The Yorker ensures all members of the company are covered by our insurance. You cannot contribute to The Yorker‘s online content without making this payment.

Remember to first create your account by visiting the ‘Register’ page (remember to check your spam folder for your registration email). This will register you as a subscriber. You may then submit your payment. Please do ensure that you register for an account first – submitting payment alone does not create one!

When you have created an account, please contact the Editor with a copy of your username. The Editor will then confirm your new account has been created and that the Financial Director has received the payment.

Membership can be purchased for £6.00 from members of the Editorial team or bought online, below.

2020-21 Membership email:

Please note it can take a few days for membership to go through. Thank you.

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