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5 Ways to Make Wearing a Face Mask More Enjoyable

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

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Wearing a face mask can feel strange and some people might have more trouble adapting to them than others. They can feel suffocating and alienating at times. However, they are still mandatory and play a major role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. It protects others if you happen to be a carrier of the coronavirus or any other virus. This is why you should work on wearing the mask properly any time you’re out in public or around those who are vulnerable. Here are five ways to make wearing a facemask more enjoyable.

Improve How the Mask Fits

A surprising number of people find that the mask makes their ears hurt. This is due to the unaccustomed pressure the ear loops put on their ears.

Switch to a mask that ties in the back or is held in place by dual elastic bands. If you don’t want to get rid of your earloop masks, use a paper clip or barrette to connect the ear loops behind your head. Another option is getting a gator face mask. These tubes of cloth slide up over the face and lightly cover it.

Get a Better Mask

Your face mask may make you feel like you’re suffocating. This is one of the reasons why so many people still prefer to use surgical masks instead of cloth masks. The issue is that these offer little to no protection to the wearer.

The second option would be to go for an N-95 mask, but those can be tough to find. They can also get very uncomfortable in hot or humid weather and restrict the air coming out, which can make the air inside the mask feel muggy and unpleasant. Constantly having to buy boxes can also get expensive over time.

A better option would be to go for something like the VIRACTIV mask instead. The Virustatic Shield from Viractiv is made from lightweight, single-ply material that lets you breathe. The Viractiv shield captures and disables up to 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, which is better than your average N-95 mask. It is the best mask for environmentally conscious people since it can be reused up to fifty times. All you have to do is wash it after each use and it’s good as new.

Eliminate the Fog

If the mask is constantly causing your glasses to fog up, switch to one with a bendable nose piece. That will hold the mask down around the nose and prevent fogging. If that’s not an option, put a facial tissue inside the mask to help reduce the fog or make your own flexible strip by sewing a pipe cleaner into the mask.

Don’t forget to clean your glasses more often if they’re fogging up. You may want to apply an over-the-counter anti-fog spray to your glasses.

Treat the Problems the Mask Is Causing

A common problem caused by prolonged face-mask usage is skin breakouts. If your skin is prone to these, you will need to wash your face more. You’ll need to wash it both before and after you wear the mask. Wash the mask itself after every use, too.  And make sure that you pick a facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin. Forget heavy scrubs during that time as they may exacerbate skin issues even further and expose it to harmful elements.

You should also consider changing your makeup routine to reduce the chances of breakouts. We suggest that you stop wearing heavy makeup while you’re wearing a mask or it might start to look cakey. If this isn’t enough to stop issues, try an over-the-counter acne cream.

If the mask is chafing your skin, get a loose cotton mask instead of whatever you’re currently wearing. Or moisturise your skin more, especially in the areas that are chafing. If you find that wearing a mask makes you hot, switch to a cotton mask or single-ply material. This has the side benefit of making it easier to breathe. If you have long hair, pull it up into a pony-tail so that it isn’t trapped inside the mask.

Another issue with masks is that they cover the mouth, which can interfere with communication. However, don’t make the mistake of shouting. Instead, try to speak more slowly and clearly.

Make the Air Inside the Mask More Pleasant

Even if you have impeccable dental hygiene, the air inside the mask will get uncomfortable after a while. One thing you could do is always carry gum, but essential oils will help. For example, adding peppermint or lavender will add a pleasant smell to the mask. You could also pick essential oils based on the effects that you want, like relaxation or mental stimulation.

It can be hard to adapt to living behind a mask. However, it is currently mandatory, so finding ways to make it easier is in your best interest.