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A Calm and Considerate Coffee at Gatehouse

Gatehouse Coffee, Walmgate Bar
Gatehouse Coffee, Walmgate Bar (Image credit: @gatehousecoffee)

I wish to share with you one of my favourite places in York. If you are a lover of coffee or you are seeking some new cafés to relax or socialise in, I cannot recommend Gatehouse Coffee enough.

I’m sure the vast majority of University students have heard of  Gatehouse, situated at the entrance to Walmgate. It is difficult for students travelling from the university into town to miss. In a small castle-like, stone building, between the York walls, Gatehouse provides freshly made hot drinks, panini’s and cakes. Thoughtfully they also include gluten-free/vegan, as well as take away options.

Gatehouse is unlike any other café in town, due to it’s authentic and historic feel. Not to mention the fantastic roof terrace, which allows you to appreciate the view along the walls. It is a place that I found during my first year at university and where I have been returning ever since, mostly as I find it an inspiring place to work and write. I often visit with my housemates, in the Summer or the Winter for a quick break, or to get some work done together. I believe it has the perfect mix of students and visitors to the city, making for a very tranquil and friendly environment.


Enjoying a mocha with my work (Image credit: Molly Moon)

The prices are sensible, considering how superb the coffee is that they provide. However, one of my favourite features of Gatehouse is the service. All staff members that work at Gatehouse are in fact part of Calvary Chapel York, all giving their time to feed us! The lovely waiting staff give the place a very personal touch, asking for your name so that they can find you when they deliver your drinks. I enjoy that they recognise me (as I’m there more often than I’d like to admit) making me feel at home. Conveniently they also provide loyalty cards, so that every eighth coffee you order is free. Useful information for us struggling students.

On every occasion I visit Gatehouse, I appreciate the consistent playlist of chill music. It’s not that awkward elevator music that some places think is just fine. They have selected artists such as Jack Johnson, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Marley and so many more. I’m not going to deny the fact that half the time I visit is just to enjoy their music. It’s the kind of place where you won’t feel alone when alone. Sweetly, they also offer a number of board games, which you are free to enjoy with your friends alongside your latte. I also encourage you to ask for the wifi password; not only will you be able to enjoy their free service but I also think their response will make you smile.

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