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How to Dress Stylishly Throughout your Business Trip

Group of business people dressed smartly
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Dressing stylishly while on a business trip will show clients that you take care of your appearance, which will lead to a greater sense of trust that you also take care in your work. In a world where style matters, here we look at how you can dress to impress throughout your trip.

Stay Comfortable

The most important thing is to never put style before comfort. Ladies, if you aren’t comfortable in high heels, don’t feel the social pressure to wear these just to look good. The same effect can be found with the right pair of loafers, which will provide much more comfort, especially while travelling.

Men- be sure to wear clothing that fits well and don’t try to squeeze into shirts or pants that are too small just because they look good. You will be uncomfortable and therefore won’t have your full attention on business.

Less is More

When trying to be stylish for business, less is more. Instead of trying to pick out lots of different outfits, you should instead have a few staple pieces that can be worked around depending on the time of day. You are here for business and whilst it is good to make an impression with what you wear, you need to remain subtle and conservative. Most business trips just require hand luggage, meaning you need to be able to work with a few essential items to make great, professional outfits.

The Essentials

When attending any business trip, you should have essential items that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories and jackets. Most people tend to pack three blouses or shirts, two pairs of trousers and two jackets.

Ladies may choose to take a dress instead of a blouse and trousers, but this depends on what you have available in your wardrobe and what you feel most comfortable in. Shirts and blouses are best kept to block colours to maintain a professional appearance.

Pinstripe trousers are one of the most popular business trends in 2020 for both women and men and are very versatile. They can be worn for a business meeting with a shirt and jacket and then restyled later for after business drinks with a jumper and overcoat for an effortless, more dressed-up look.


The right accessories can make any standard business outfit shine. If you tend to stick to dark colours with white shirts or blouses, now is the time to break that mold and add some brightness to your attire. For women, a great way to add colour is with a scarf. Silk scarfs can be worn in many ways and can even be tied to your handbag if you don’t feel like wearing them.

A designer handbag or satchel is a fantastic investment for both men and women and adds a touch of business class to every outfit whilst travelling. For men, cuff-links can add a more subtle fashionable touch to any outfit and are easy to travel with.

If you wear glasses, choosing a designer pair that really suit your face shape and style can add a bit of panache to your outfits. A staple item on many business people’s packing lists is a watch. The right watch will convey elegance, and is often the very first thing that gets noticed.


Whilst business may be on the cards for most of your trip, there will be moments where you’re able to grab drinks with your co-workers or have some downtime to enjoy the city or hit the gym. Not all business trips require you to be in business attire 24/7, but you do need to bear in mind that you are still representing the company and need to look your best.

Once you have your business attire down to a T, you can start on your casual look. Try to avoid jeans where possible, as they don’t scream business. Trousers are a great choice for men and women and with so much choice on pattern, colour and length, these are an easy choice for making a great impression even in your downtime. Team these with a plain t-shirt and trendy over jacket and you have yourself a relaxed and stylish outfit.

In downtime, business shoes aren’t required and designer trainers or shoes may well be a better option. Be sure to check out SSENSE’s men’s range of Givenchy sneakers for an effortless finish to your outfits every time.

In the business world, a first impression goes a long way in making the right impression. This guide can help you to dress stylishly throughout your business trip.

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