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Side Hustle Spotlight: What to do When your Amazon Seller Account Gets Suspended

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As side hustles go, being an Amazon seller who lists different products for sale and only handles the customer service may lead to a peaceful existence. However, these calm waters- other than the occasional complaint- may get interrupted if a rule is broken and the online retailer decides to suspend your Seller account.

This post looks at what comes next when you’re an Amazon Seller and it all starts to go terribly wrong.

Is it your worst nightmare?

If you thought that making some money on the side would be easy, then the news that your Amazon Seller account just got suspended brings that into question.

At this point, you don’t know whether your side hustle will be able to continue or if it’ll be necessary to give up completely. This might make you depressed or just unsure how to proceed from there.

What’s important is to avoid letting it get you down. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to “work the problem” and get a positive outcome.

What’s causing the drama?

Suspensions don’t happen for no reason. However, with that said, it doesn’t mean there was a flagrant flouting of the rules, or even an intentional one.

For instance, it could just be a small misunderstanding, such as an assistant who penned a product description that was deemed inappropriate. It’s not always immediately clear from the Amazon communication what was the cause of the issue.

This is because you likely haven’t received this type of email before, so deciphering the corporate jargon to nail down exactly what needs fixing is difficult to understand. This begs the question: should you reach out for help?

Should you seek out some assistance?

When you’re trying to figure out the real reason behind your Amazon suspension and you’re at a bit of a loss, it makes sense to get help.

Amazon suspensions are serious, and so working with an organisation which frequently deals with these issues on behalf of their clients puts you in safe hands. An organisation like Thompson and Holt manage numerous suspension cases annually and resolve hundreds of them for their clients, handling the Amazon appeal process on their behalf. In so doing, they bring things back from the brink for Amazon side hustlers.

Understanding how to appeal process works

When wishing to pursue an Amazon appeal to address or respond to a suspension, understanding how the process works is the first step.

Certainly, submitting a well-constructed response letter to support your case for reinstatement, including what actions have been taken to remedy past mistakes, is all part of the process.

However, it matters what’s included in an appeal letter (and what isn’t), along with the language and tone adopted.

Ultimately, Amazon is a partner for sellers. It requires their cooperation to allow your side hustle to continue. Therefore, a reasoned and measured response is better than a distressed or angry one. It’s often true that an experienced representative in such matters is going to be better positioned to help you pen a successful appeal than trying to do it alone. It’s certainly worth considering, at the very least.