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York Solopreneurs: How to Find and Sustain Success

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For solopreneurs in York who are keen to develop a business for themselves, and sustain and grow it into a substantial enterprise, there are some formidable challenges ahead. While it may seem an unconventional suggestion for a businessperson, a lasting business requires taking a somewhat holistic approach.

A balanced, considered style is necessary to put in the long hours of dedicated work, do the right things, and not burn out in the process. To help with that, here are some tips to point you in the right direction. 

Focus on Your Health

Most articles about business start with marketing tips or how to manage the finances. However, as a solopreneur, the risk of burnout is very real. This is because everything is on your shoulders- and it takes a toll on you.

To prevent you from getting worn down and exhausted due to endless demands, it becomes necessary to make taking care of yourself a ritual that you stick to. It’s important to make time in your schedule for what’s important. Because without you in top health, close to nothing will get done.

Staying Fit

It’s harder to complete your day’s work when your lifestyle is largely sedentary. If this has become your life as a solopreneur- with too much time in the home office sat at the computer- decide to make a positive change today.

Add daily exercise into your schedule. By booking a time slot to get out and move around, it’s harder to skip it. If you can find an exercise-friend, even better. Commit to exercising in some fashion 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. While it’ll be difficult at first, you’ll begin to see the benefits within a few weeks of activity.

Improve Your Eating

If you’ve been guilty of leading a sedentary life, then your diet has probably followed a similar course. 

If that’s the case, start to modify what you’re eating and when. Make healthier food choices and try to avoid eating late in the evening when your self-control is at its lowest.

Using Supplements and Other Remedies

Take multivitamins and minerals to supply whatever may have been missing from your regular diet. There are a range of vitamins, specialised ones for younger people, and those over fifty. There are also supplements like Wellman Max or Wellwoman Max, which include added extras to boost cognitive health and stay alert.

It’s also worth considering hemp oils. These have been found to promote health and well-being. As well as having anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, these oils can relieve muscle tension after a workout too. It’s important to use a high-quality supplier for hemp oil to ensure its purity. Hempura is a UK-based company that sources ingredients from organic sources and is highly rated on consumer rating site Trust Pilot too. 

Don’t Lose Sight of your Goals

With your health better managed, it’s time to look to your business goals. 

  • What are your goals?
  • Are they realistically achievable?

Break your goals down into projects and then steps to be taken towards each goal’s achievement. Only by creating your next actions will you transform a vague goal into a series of actions that will ultimately lead to its attainment.

It’s easy to get stuck with tasks on a to-do list that aren’t actionable. This just means they must be broken down into physical actions that be completed and achieved.

Remember the Importance of Who You Know

Moving your business forward is often about who you know. When you stay in the home office and fail to expand your network of contacts, new opportunities fail to materialise. While networking online using Facebook, Instagram and other tools are definitely useful, it’s important to follow that up with in-person meetings.

Look for synergy between your business and another one where joint ventures might be possible. Even if your initial idea might not meet their favour, it may spark a new idea that does. Only by putting yourself out there can lightning strike.

Understand the Importance of Asking “Why?”

Knowing when to ask “Why” is different from simply having goals.

When you work for yourself without a boss potentially looking over your shoulder when inactivity strikes, it becomes clear that goals don’t have to be your only driver. 

Knowing why you want your business to be successful gives you the extra push when willpower is at a low ebb and your heart isn’t in it that day. The “why” can be to achieve financial independence, to provide a better customer experience or to enable you to contribute a percentage of the profits to charitable causes you care about.

The “why” in question is unique to you. It’s your motivator; no one else’s. It’s your reason for pushing through the hard times. And often, that’s a deeply personal thing that drives you. Discover what it is, so you can harness it for the good of your work.

By taking a balanced approach to your business life, it’s far more likely that you’ll push through difficult times, while enjoying the better ones. Learn how to motivate yourself and don’t neglect your health along the way. Otherwise, it’ll catch up with you eventually.

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