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Celebrating UK Coffee Week

Image: UK Coffee Week

It is the ultimate debate – are you a coffee or tea person? Lets face it, warm beverages are essential for many of us and the caffeine can power us students through those late night study sessions. Coffee has become more and more popular in recent years, 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally each year and cities have seen the growth of independent, artisan coffee shops that are increasingly popular amongst students. UK Coffee Week (16-22nd April) aims to celebrate coffee but also increase awareness for the communities around the world that grow the coffee we drink. The funds raised go directly towards Project Waterfall, that aims to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities across the world. In 2017, coffee week raised over £335,000. 


Image: UK Coffee Week
Image: UK Coffee Week

Clean running water is something many of us take for granted, but 663 million people around the world still do not have access to safe and clean water. Project Waterfall aims to use donations to improve water supplies around the world. Evidently, water is linked to coffee consumption and nevertheless, this is the basis of their campaign. All coffee shops taking part in this campaign during the scheduled dates, will donate 5p from the price of a coffee that will go towards Project Waterfall. Every coffee consumed between those dates in selected coffee shops will have an opportunity to make a real difference to communities. Well known coffee brands are also supporting the cause – including Costa Coffee, Café Nero and Starbucks. As the Coffee industry is becoming one of the largest industries in the world, this opportunity to make a difference cannot be avoided. Go on, treat yourself to a coffee next week!

Here in York, the popular and friendly coffee shop on Heslington Road, Bison’s is taking part in this scheme. Bison’s is a small and cosy coffee shop offering very reasonably priced drinks, sandwiches, cakes and pastries. It has a very relaxed and chilled out atmosphere and is the perfect place to meet up with friends or even do some university work. Make sure to visit during UK Coffee week as it is the perfect (guilt free!) opportunity to splash the cash for a good cause. Bison’s is also a vintage store and occasional host of evening gigs. Arguably, their brownies are the best in York- make sure you try the raspberry or cookie dough! Bison’s also offer takeaway services if you are in a rush!


On the theme of coffee – York boasts many independent coffee shops; some of my favourites include the Perky Peacock (near the station), Brew and Brownie and Fossgate social. The Perky Peacock is situated on the top of an old guard tower on the river and is in a cosy and comfortable spot. They offer a range of coffee’s and homemade cakes and toasted sandwiches. The cinnamon bagel and various brunch items are among my favourites. It really is a unique building and perfect for that homely feel.

Brew and Brownie, is of course, well known in York. It is loved for its incredible pancakes but its coffee is also incredibly good too. They offer a range of coffee’s from expresso’s to mochas. Although on most days it is very busy, on week days if you’re lucky it can be quiet. It is situated near the public library. Aside from pancakes, Brew and Brownie also offer a wide range of toasted sandwiches, all the brunch items you could ever need, salads and sharing boards. It has a rustic and cool atmosphere and is a very comfy environment.

The Fossgate social is another student hotspot, known both for coffee and evening cocktails! And you guessed it, it is situated on Fossgate alongside other independent coffee shops and eateries. What is unique about the Fossgate social, is that it functions as a day time cosy coffee shop as well as a night time, laid back cocktail bar. It doubles as the perfect environment to bash out a study session with its relaxing, classical music playlists during the day and the perfect place to grab a few drinks with friends in the evening.

So, if there’s one thing you do next week, treat yourself to a coffee and know that you will be contributing to such an important cause and also, participating in the celebration of UK Coffee week!

For more information: http://www.ukcoffeeweek.com/