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Country-specific Rules You Should Know Before Travelling

With exams and deadlines out of the way for this term, some of you might have started planning how you would like to spend the summer. But before travelling abroad, it’s always worth ensuring that you aren’t breaking the law. Here are some country-specific rules from around the world, some more serious and some that seem pretty unbelievable…


There’s a limit to the number of cigarettes that you can bring into the country – 200 maximum per person!



Don’t take photos of government buildings or officials in uniforms.



According to Danish road laws, it is technically illegal to start your car until you’ve checked that there are no children sleeping under the car!



Make sure that you don’t drink alcohol, unless in a licensed hotel, bar or tourist area.



In Bali, it is customary to observe a day of silence for New Year: people stay indoors, turn off their lights and make no noise for the day!


Sri Lanka

Be careful not to take photos in front of a statue of Buddha!


Around five and a half thousand Brits are arrested every year abroad, many ending up spending time in foreign prisons. This is hardly surprising, as 82% of Brits admit that they would take part in more adventurous behaviour when in another country.

To be properly informed about the laws of the countries that you’re travelling to, look here.