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Dice Games on Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Online gambling has evolved greatly since its first appearance. This affected all aspects of the trade, starting from the technology used, through the games played and the payment methods which make all of this possible. The bitcoin dice gambling is one such innovation which changed the world of online casinos.

Since its appearance, players were able to experience bitcoins and use them to their utmost advantage. Bitcoins are a form of digital cryptocurrency which can be used as a payment for all bitcoin-friendly online gambling sites. Once this innovation combined forces with one of the oldest games known, the games slowly took over the online gambling world.

Dices are one of the oldest games known to mankind. They have been found to originate all the way back from ancient Egypt, which is why they might seem rugged compared to today’s modern versions. Dices can be used in almost any game that involves two or more participants. Normally, the rolling determines the outcome and it is performed after every participant has placed their bet. People are usually familiar with dice games, but it’s good to know that guides like BitcoinGambling.net exist to answer any additional questions.

Even though these games use dice instead of cards, there is always doubt regarding the fairness when it comes to online gambling. It’s important to make sure your chose gambling site has provably fair Bitcoin Dice games you can choose from. If you cannot spot the provably fair testing option in the games, simply switch to a different site.

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of online Bitcoin gambling sites and even more varieties of dice games. These games are often themed according to a certain franchise, while some like Blackjack are quite reputable in the industry by themselves. Pirate Dice has been noted as the most popular bitcoin dice game, originally invented according to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It is played with five dice per player, with a nearly unlimited number of players. All you have to do is make a guess about the overall outcome of the dice and roll them. If you’re wrong, your bet is distributed to the others. However, if you win, the other players will lose a die each.

Other popular Bitcoin dice games include Keno, Roulette, Catan Dice and Yahtzee Dice Game.

Nonetheless, the online gambling industry is concerned with the technicalities as much as it deals with the entertainment aspect. Namely, the bitcoin casinos which offer such games have a particular finance management system which maintains safety of all funds. They employ a hot-and-cold wallet system for bitcoin storage.

The hot wallet deals with actual bitcoins players are able to withdraw during the course of play, while the cold wallet is stored offline and used solely in emergencies like huge payouts. Knowing how the casinos’ financial management procedures can sometimes help you choose the best one.

All in all, bitcoin dice gambling is just another variation of the old dice game which has managed to transform throughout the years and still keep its popularity.