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Agape Volunteering calls for University Representatives

Image: Agape

The charity, Agape is currently looking for university representatives as well as volunteers to assist in a variety of projects in areas such as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Agape is a leading UK volunteering charity which offers a wide range of different programmes aiming to improve the lives and environment’s of those who are most in need. It is currently issuing a direct appeal to all willing university students to help promote their cause. 



Agape was established in Kenya 2010 by Guillaume Lefevre with the concept of establishing volunteering opportunities that were more affordable, as well as being rewarding for participants and communities. They were designed with the aim of being completely beneficial for the communities they aim to help. Agape also works its hardest to ensure that all of the fees from volunteers go directly to the communities they will be working with.

Agape offers a wide variety of programmes, based in Africa which cater to every type of student and interest. These include education, orphanage support, medical/HIV volunteering, music, conservation and more. In addition to this, programmes also offer extra opportunities such as safaris, hiking and cultural city tours. Volunteers will be expected to work for at least five week days from 9am-5pm. Volunteers will experience the life and culture of living in African communities in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania or even Maasai Island due to living alongside locals.

Currently, Agape is aiming recruit over five hundred volunteers throughout 2018 and this is importantly, where students come in. Agape recognises the importance of students as they are one of the most energised, and engaged groups in the country and have so much enthusiasm to offer. With this in mind, Agape would like to have representatives at every University in the UK – including students at York! The founder, Guillaume LeFevre has stated:


“Students are our most enthusiastic pool of volunteers. This year, we’re keen to create a lot more awareness of what we can offer them and Student Reps are a huge part of that. We’ve worked hard to put together a really cool package for them, so if you’ve got some time to spare – come and help us out!”


Agape are looking for University Representatives to promote Agape’s volunteering opportunities. These roles are flexible and will enable students to earn some extra cash whilst promoting a brilliant cause. This is a perfect role for every type of student as you can select how many hours you want to work, and tailor how much you want to earn. Agape are flexible around study hours and will not force students to work more than they want to. Agape will provide representatives with all the resources they need. Being an Agape representative will include undertaking a range of tasks from sending out regular emails to hosting stands at freshers’ fair. But essentially, you will be promoting a very important cause and helping African communities to accumulate more resources.

Agape also offer rewards and prizes for those student representatives who have really excelled in their roles and all reps will receive discounts on their own volunteering trips.

Finally – Agape are a charity committed to making a difference across many African communities. But they cannot successfully operate without passionate representatives and volunteers. Many of the orphanages and educational facilities across Africa are in need of more assistance to keep on running, and it is so important that they do. Becoming an Agape representative would be a perfect way to promote a fundamentally, necessary and important cause as well as earning some extra money.



To find out more, visit www.agape-volunteers.com

To apply to become a representative or find out more, send an email to jobs@agape-volunteers.com