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Trying New Things With JuggleSoc

Image credits: pixabay.com

To juggle or not to juggle? This is the burning question… Just kidding! I am no reincarnation of Hamlet, nor Danish. Nor a princess. But if I were to answer that question, I’d definitely pick the first choice. The reasons? Well, I’ll outline them throughout the article. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this story about the evening that I spent in the presence of the Juggle Society members.

I have to inform you that before I did some research on the Juggle Society and before I went to their session, I thought that Juggle Society is ONLY about juggling. Now, it might be just me who thought that, but just in case there are other people out there that have the same opinion, I’m afraid you’re wrong. The Juggle Society has a wide collection of equipment that they could teach you how to use. There’s something for everybody! So, first, they have, of course, balls (no pun intended) and many other things you could juggle with. They have a monocycle, which I did not try because I was wearing a skirt that day (this is actually just an excuse, the real reason is I didn’t want to embarrass myself). They have hula hoops – my personal favourites, probably because I had a good teacher (shout-out to Claire). They have poi, diablo, staff and the list goes on. I won’t get into further detail about this, but you can watch this video to get a better sense of what they can offer you.


And now that you’ve been properly introduced to the Juggle Society, let me tell you how the juggling session went. First, I entered the room where they had their meeting and I said “Hi!’ to them (I bet you didn’t expect that). There is a reason, though, why I mentioned the very beginning of the evening. When I first entered the room, I immediately liked the people. My first impression was that they were a bit eccentric (and I mean it in a good way) and although I could tell they belonged to the same group, everyone was different in their own way. I thought they were that kind of people who are friendly to everyone. And I wasn’t wrong.

On to serious business (more or less, since we’re talking about a fun activity). I started with juggling balls. I miserably failed, despite the tricks and techniques they tried to teach me. And, as the very impatient person that I am, I gave up quickly and moved on to something else: poi. I did much better with this one and I actually found it much easier than juggling. The best bit, though, was when I tried the hula hoops. I’m pretty sure I did best while using them and I’d definitely like to do it again. So, the conclusion here is that they do have something for everyone.

hula hoops
Image credits: Ed Clark

Alvaro, the president of the society, kept saying that that session wasn’t the best time to come and see them because they were rehearsing that day for the upcoming show for Roses. I, on the other hand, think it was the best time to come and see them because I got to watch them rehearsing and to see the performance they prepared for Roses. And it was a very cool performance, which also made me appreciate the hard work they obviously had put in. They used these luminous coloured balls, pins and hula hoops which looked amazing in the dark while they were using them. I’m sorry I didn’t see them during the actual show, but I hope they did well.

So, after we said goodbye and they politely invited me to come to other sessions as well, I started thinking if my expectations met the reality. And they mostly did. I was pretty bad at learning how to juggle. Checked. I interacted with nice and funny people. Checked. I learned something new and fun that I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever try before coming to university. Checked. I enjoyed myself. Checked. I embarrassed myself. Hmm, not really (which is a new one for me). Although, if you asked the Juggle Society, they might think differently.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun during that hour and if it weren’t for the upcoming and very exciting deadlines and exams, I might’ve come to their next meeting. Of course, I’m not saying that by going to one of their sessions I saw everything, experienced everything. That’s not possible. But I do believe that I got a sense of what’s going on in the Juggle Society and I’d say to everyone they should give it a try. Only for trying a new fun thing, if not for anything else.

Image credits:
Image credits: Ed Clark

Juggle Society has weekly sessions on Thursdays and Sundays in D/L/028 during term time.