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YorKitchen: Tahini Toasts

Tahini Toasts

Tahini is a rich, clay-like paste made from ground toasted sesame seeds. It forms an essential part of the Eastern Mediterranean diet, being a component of hummus as well as a staple breakfast item in Greece. Spread on thick slices of toasted bread and drizzled with honey, it makes a very fine ramped up alternative to peanut butter toast.

(Makes 1 serving, possibly with a little more tahini spread for later)


3 tablespoons of tahini paste

Half a lemon, juiced 1 teaspoon of sea-salt flakes, or 1/2 teaspoon of fine salt

2-3 thick slices of bread, such as sourdough

Thick, clear honey

A few walnuts (optional)

Feta cheese (optional)


Spoon out the tahini into a small bowl and stir in the lemon juice. The paste will seize up as you stir, losing its velvety texture. At this point you will need to thin the paste with water; I keep a little bit of water in a small jug, pouring in a spoonful at a time into the paste until it is smooth. The amount of water you will need to add may vary, but the resulting spread should have the texture of thick cream or loose peanut butter. Once you have achieved this texture, stir in the salt.

Toast the bread to your liking, then spoon the tahini spread onto your toasts and spread it out to make a fairly thick layer. Drizzle a teaspoon of honey onto each tahini-spread toast, then crumble over a few walnut pieces and a few soft shards of feta cheese (if using).


You’ll typically find tahini paste in jars around the dry foods/condiments section of the supermarket. It can also be found at world food stores and Middle Eastern or Mediterranean shops. If you have any spread left over (I always do), it makes a wonderful sauce to have with roasted or chargrilled vegetables, and meats such as lamb or chicken.