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Want to be your own boss? Hair’s a solution

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A hairdresser smiling as she styles a happy client's hair
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Want To Establish Your Own Hairdressing Business? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

In today’s competitive consumer market, there are only a few (handful) of businesses that haven’t seen a drop in demand thanks to digital solutions, and one of these is hairdressing.

After all, you can’t go online to get your hair cut, and whilst you can save time researching your haircut online before you visit the salon, you need to speak to an actual person and get them to turn your vision into a reality.

Thanks to the hairdressing industry’s resilience, it has become a popular choice for budding entrepreneurs looking for a career that is both sociable and creative.

Hairdressing is also a great industry for those who want to work for themselves, as many hairdressers are self-employed. If you’re looking to establish your own hairdressing business here are some of our top tips:

Earn The Qualifications You Need

Hairdressing requires experience and expertise, and there are various qualifications you can earn to become a qualified and respected professional. These can be earned in a variety of ways, including on-the-job salon experience or through an apprenticeship, so get going by researching how you want to start your journey towards your new career.

Work Out How You Want To Offer Your Services

Once you deicide to strike out on your own and set up your own business, you need to decide what sort of organisation you want to run.

Why not become a travelling hairdresser, work from home, or start your own salon? Why not even rent a chair in established salons and work independently, which could be a good option for young hairdressers seeking a way to get themselves started in the industry.

Equip Your New Business With Everything You Could Possibly Need

Becoming a hairdresser means that you need to get yourself everything you’re going to need to cut hair and give your clients the hairstyles they want. Depending on the type of hairdresser you want to be, you’ll need certain gear, so take the time to consider what you need for your new business and then get it all together to make sure that you’re completely prepared.

Learn To Be Tidy And Neat

Cutting hair is a messy business, and one that requires cleanliness to succeed.

Clients might not return if your workspace is filthy and covered in hair. You could also cause a health and safety hazard if you don’t clean your equipment properly, as pests like lice can transfer from person to person. As such, it’s important that you learn how to clean your workspace as you go. If you’re starting your own salon, consider working with a team of professional cleaners who can ensure that your establishment is safe and presentable at all times. A company such as Ideal Cleaning are worth getting in touch with as they cater to a variety of premises, something to consider as a cleaner with relevant experience can make taking care of your business more efficient.  

Network With Other Professionals

In the hairdressing and beauty markets, word of mouth is key so it’s important that throughout your career you support your colleagues in the industry and keep in touch. Go to courses when you can and communicate with fellow hairdressers through social media to find out about the latest trends in the industry and make yourself a network of connections that could prove useful in the future.

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