Eyebrow threading- less pain, more gain

©Wikimedia Commons; Image credit: Dana Robinson

I find eyebrows to be a bit of an awkward necessity. I am guilty of being ‘one of those people’ who spends a good half hour perfecting one and gets horribly frustrated when I can’t make the other look the same.

My common method of eyebrow depilation used to be waxing; however recently I’ve become concerned about the damage of removing a fine layer of skin each time I get waxed. So I decided to pop along the Face Etc medispa on Coppergate and spend £10 to try out Threading.

Eyebrow threading is a type of hair removal that that originated in the ancient Eastern World. It has recently become more accessible in salons in the UK and is arguably giving better results. Threading works by running a twisted piece of cotton over the hairs; pulling them out at the follicle. It is deemed preferable to plucking because multiple hairs are removed at once, making for a tidier and more even overall end result.

The price was comparable to that of having an eyebrow wax and I felt the pain of having the hair removed was less than that of waxing or plucking. I was very happy with the results, they are a much better shape and are neater!

So next time it's just you, a pair of tweezers and the bathroom mirror, stop, before you do any uneven damage, and consider threading instead. Although more costly than a home plucked finish, £10 will hardly break the bank, yet it will buy you assurance of an even result.

I definitely recommend threading as the way forward for eyebrows!

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