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Krazy Beauty Standards

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie. The Kardashians and the Jenners are literally everywhere. The family’s reality TV series is enjoying its 11th cycle, Kendall is storming international catwalks, Kylie – the youngest of the sisters- has launched her own cosmetics line, Kourtney is a busy mum of three with a lifestyle app, Khloe has her own talk show and most importantly… Kim has reached 62 million followers on Instagram.

These women have, in one way or another, invaded social media and television and with their prominent presence came a reshaping of beauty standards. However, it’s definitely debatable whether this redefining of what is perceived as socially ‘beautiful’ is good or bad for young girls and women.

The three older sisters; Kourtney, Kim and Khloe, have bombared our Instagram accounts with provocative pictures of their voluptuous figures. And although they all claim themselves to be ‘gym freaks’, regularly boasting about their intense exercise routines, it’s highly improbable that their large buttocks are a result of exercise. Indeed, the sisters ‘like big butts and they cannot lie’, but what they do seem to be lying about is how they have acquired such large…assets. Kim did an X-Ray of her behinds in order to publically reveal that she has not undergone any plastic surgery, yet her sisters  remain silent about whether or not they have had butt implants. Also, the sisters have admitted to the use of ‘waist trainers’ so as to make their waste look smaller and their curves more obvious. Therefore, they depict a highly unrealistic body figure that no amount of exercise can result to, deluding young audiences who believe that excessive exercise can get you their big buttocks and well-toned figures.

Kylie, who just turned 18 last year, seems to be following the footsteps of her older sisters. Her body, far
from being normal for a woman of her age, resembles that of a cartoon; to be more precise, that of Jessica Rabbit. The constant exposure of her thighs, big ass and perky boobs on social media leaves young girls questioning whether this is what ‘normal’ should look like. The answer is of, course; no. No, it’s not normal that Kylie looks like this; she doesn’t even look like herself. A picture of Kylie when she was 15 years old will convince anyone that she has had lip injections. However, her fake lips are just a part of her immense transformation. Her hair colour changes every day; from platinum blonde, to pink, to teal. She has even launched her own hair extensions line, which gives women the chance to imitate her hairstyles and hair-colours. Not only does her appearance suggest to women that being natural is not the desired beauty standard, but she is also trying to make money out of this.

It is Kendall who stands out from the family, presenting a more realistic and normal beauty standard. Her body figure, although skinny, resembles that of a woman who is healthy and comfortable with her body. Whilst her sisters resort daily to make up artists to do their make up; using foundations, bronzers, and highlighters to contour their face so as to create the oh-so-desirable cheekbone effect, Kendall always presents herself with natural, light make up. She is nonetheless, stunningly beautiful and the fact that she doesn’t conform to her sisters’ beauty ‘transformations’ effectively proves that the Kardashian sisters are not an example to follow.

So, what image exactly are Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, and Khloe portraying? Definitely not one of a curvy woman who is happy with herself, as they want us to believe. They are projecting the image of a woman who is not at ease with herself and her body. The image of a woman who uses artificial means to ‘enhance’ parts of her body. The image of a woman who seeks constant attention and self-assurance on social media.

It is evident thus, that the beauty standard put forward by the famous Klan can be considered, to say the least, as… Krazy.