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Latest hairstyles inspired by celebs


While the types of clothes that celebs wear are, of course, under the microscope, their hairstyles have also become the object of much discussion and excitement; is it really possible to look like a celeb simply by changing one’s hair?

Short styles

According to the style and gossip columns, short is in this year, and there are a number of fantastic styles for budding fashionistas to emulate. Lily Collins and Miley Cyrus, for example, have been wearing much spunkier versions of the pixie cut of late – a look that is perfect for those with elfin features. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner, Kristen Bell, Anne Hathaway and Beyoncé have been giving the bob, whether layered or straight, a completely new lease of life. Short hairstyles work with just about any face shape, from heart and oval, to square and round.

Mid-length styles

Medium-length hairstyles are a great way to rock any number of looks; mid-length cuts can suit all manner of face shapes, but often look best on heart, oval or square to lengthen features. Lily James, Carey Mulligan, Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon have all been spotted with mid-length dos this year, and, whether wavy or straight, it’s certainly working for them. This type of cut is great for those who aren’t really sure what they want, as mid-length styles can be worn up and down, and trimmed if a person ever feels a little braver.

Long styles

It would seem that long hair never goes out of style. Perhaps it’s due to the amount of looks that can be rocked with just one cut, or the fact that celebs are rather attached to their hair. Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Blake Lively and Julianne Moore have all nailed the long look in recent months and have brought waves back into the fore. Meanwhile, slicked ponytails, side partings, and hair accessories are also going to be making a huge entrance this year. Those with their fingers on the fashion pulse should probably start shopping now. Longer faces, including rectangle and oval, often suit longer styles, giving an air of grace.

Restyling: introducing extensions

A complete restyle is no mean feat but can be achieved relatively easily these days; with a little guidance, or inspiration, most hairstylists are comfortable working with a variety of lengths and styles. For those who would like more hair on the odd occasion, hair extensions can be a fantastic investment. Instantly adding length, volume and character to any shorter style, extensions can be worn up or down, can be cut to length, or removed when a shorter crop is desired.

For this reason, companies such as Hair Planet have become something of a lifeline to those who may wish to frequently restyle their hair. As one of the UK’s leading wholesale suppliers of human hair extensions, Hair Planet knows what it takes to create any number of looks. Indeed, one glance at the Hair Planet company bio will reveal their knowledge and experience, as well as a range of fantastic looks for celebs and fashion go-getters alike to master.

While it may only be March, the looks that will define 2016 are already being displayed, and should almost certainly be trialled by anyone hoping to sample the limelight.