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Making your Mondays more motivated

       Image: Verbal to Visual

Mondays act as a chance to start afresh and to start the week as you mean to go on. With deadlines looming and work piling up, here’s how to stop yourself procrastinating and start becoming more motivated.

1. Write a list of all the work you need to do

Yes, it may seem daunting now that you can visually see all the work that needs to be completed but it’s never as challenging as it seems (especially when you add colour and tick boxes to your list)!

2. Give yourself realistic deadlines of when you want to complete your work

Write the date down to ensure you do not miss any deadlines. Remember, you can always set yourself your own deadlines before the work has to be actually completed.

3. Constantly remind yourself why you need to do the work

Let’s be honest, you’re going to have to finish that essay or do that thing you’ve been procrastinating for weeks at some time or another. So, you might as well start now while you are ahead. Or you can just sit there procrastinating till you succumb to you work at the very last minute. Only now, you have given yourself no time to sleep and you are so stressed that you are going to do an all-nighter, while everyone else has done their work and can sleep without that burden. But not you, because you have been convincing yourself that you have plenty of time and you’ll start tomorrow, but you have been regurgitating those sayings for weeks and weeks now. Remember last time when you said that you were not going to spend an all-nighter in the library before the essay was due in? Yet, here you are with your energy drink forcing yourself to stay awake to write 3,000 words! Let’s make that the last time you do that…

4. Make big projects less intimidating by breaking down your work into steps

Whether you have got an essay to write or a presentation to present you are going to want to break it down. Plan your essay: introduction, paragraph one, two, three etc, conclusion and allocate yourself specific days to complete each component of your essay. (If you leave your work halfway through a sentence, it will help you to pick up where you left off without abrupting your thought process for next time). Set yourself a target to complete a certain number of slides a day for your presentation, so you won’t have to spend your Sunday by your computer resenting your job and the fact that you are going to turn up to work on Monday looking half-asleep!

5. Sit yourself down in a quiet area where you work best and put a timer on for five minutes

You will be pleasantly surprised by how much work you do when you put your mind to it. If you don’t believe me, then test it out yourself and see how much work you can accomplish in five minutes. You can even use this approach for miscellaneous tasks like those pesky tax returns you have been avoiding, the doctor’s appointment you’ve been reluctant to book or the laundry that has been over piling on the floor for over a week now…

So, start putting your five minute timers on because why waste any more time stressing out over your work, when you can just be done with it? Here’s to starting the week on a high and watching Netflix guilt-free!