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Our Guide To Keeping A Cat In The City

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Don’t let living in the city keep you from getting a cat! Cats can live either outdoors or indoors, and even if you have a small apartment, a kitten who never gets used to going outside can easily adapt to living a happy and fulfilled life.

If you are considering the idea of getting a cat but live in a city area where you would not feel safe allowing your cat to roam outdoors, keep these tips in mind.

Opt for an Indoor Cat

Cats have their own personalities, and some of them are outdoor cats by nature- while others prefer their domestic comforts. If you are concerned about getting a kitten that grows up to be a cat who whines at the door, wanting to experience the big outdoors, you might want to consider adopting an established indoor cat.

There are plenty of cats waiting in rescue centres for somebody to come along and give them a home. And the best thing about rescuing a cat is that most are adults with already established personalities, so you will usually know straight away if they are suitable for an all-indoor life.

Consider a Catio

If you are concerned about letting your cat roam freely outdoors because you live in a busy area, but want to let them experience spending time outside, you might want to think about building a catio on your home if you have space and are able to. This is an enclosed outdoor area that your cat can go and spend time outdoors in, but without the freedom to roam as they please.

It works well for both of you, as your cat gets to enjoy being outside, but you don’t have to worry about them roaming too far and getting hurt in an accident.

Keep your Cat Occupied

While an older cat might be quite happy to nap on the sofa all day long, if you get a kitten or younger cat and want to keep them indoors, you’ll need to come up with ideas to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated.

You’ll also need to make sure that your cat gets plenty of exercise indoors in order to avoid them becoming overweight and suffering from related health problems. There are loads of fun games and toys that your cat can be left with to play on his own, or interactive ones that you can play with your cat.

Walking your Cat

Some indoor cats can be trained to walk on a harness in a similar way to a dog, and this can be a great way to let them go outdoors while still being there to supervise them and make sure that they are safe.

Ideally, you should start getting your cat used to being in a harness and being walked as young as possible.

Consider Getting Two Cats

If you want an indoor city cat and are worried about leaving them alone all day while you’re at work, the good news is that many cats are quite happy to be by themselves. However, if you have a cat with an outgoing personality who likes a lot of fuss and attention, you might want to think about getting another cat who they can play and interact with.

Getting two kittens together is usually a safe bet, but even adult cats can be introduced and get on with each other with the right amount of patience and support.

Escape-proof your Home

If the city outdoors is simply far too dangerous for your cat and you keep them indoors, you will also need to ensure that you secure your home to minimise the chance of them escaping. Although cats can be quite resourceful creatures who can sneak out and be fine, there’s always the risk of something happening to them if they escape- especially if they’ve never been outdoors before and haven’t learned the necessary survival skills.

Consider investing in cat insurance to protect your cat; if they get outside and anything happens to them, the right insurance policy will help you cover any necessary vet bills in order to ensure that your cat gets the best care.

Check out the options available at Everypaw; they offer a range of different cover options for cats. Pet insurance for catsCat policies from Everypaw include advertising and reward costs if your cat gets lost to encourage people to look for them.

Microchip your Cat

You might not think that it is necessary to microchip your cat if they are going to be staying indoors, but it’s always best to have this extra protection.

Microchipping is a quick process for your cat that involves a scannable chip inserted under the skin, with your details on it. When your cat is microchipped, they can easily be traced back to you by anybody who might find them if they manage to get lost.

Neutering and Spaying

As a responsible pet owner, you will want to get your cat neutered or spayed as soon as possible. For male cats, neutering can help to tame any behavioural issues that they might have, such as spraying pee on your walls, which can make for more comfortable living with your indoor cat.

In addition, if you have more than one cat, neutering can help to prevent super territorial tendencies in male cats and make them a little more agreeable. Female cats should be spayed if you have no plans to breed
them. When a female cat is in heat, she is likely in pain – so there’s really no need to put her through this unless she’s having kittens in the future. And, since female cats bleed when they are in heat, it can also be quite messy in your home. Spaying helps to prevent all of this.

If you want a cat but live in a busy city area, don’t worry! Many cats are happy to live indoors all the time and can make an ideal pet for a small city apartment or house.