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Long-distance lovers: a guide to surviving Valentines Day

©is katz; Image credit: is katz

Single men and women have been the focus of public Valentines Day sympathy for too long. For those in long distance relationships, Valentines day serves only as a loud, shrill, vuvuzela-like reminder that the person you love is far, far away.

Hats off to those of you who can spend February the 14th snuggled up to your loved one, but for people in long-distance relationships, the prospect of ‘V-Day’ is dire. If care is not taken, depression or hostility will inevitably ensue, with both your partner and the people around you bearing the brunt of the outbursts. And so, to avoid possible destruction or injury, heres a guide on how to stay sane on Valentines Day:

1) Arrange a different day to celebrate:
This way, you can spend the 14th reassuring yourself that your day will soon come, and that it will be far more special. Besides, celebrating your love on the same day as everyone else is so generic, who would ever want to do that?

2) Yes, the postal system does still exist:
Due to the wonders of Royal Mail, gifts can be sent for a time in and around Valentines Day. Hand making a gift is also a great way to distract yourself, and something like a collage of memorable times allows you to focus on the positives. And don’t forget that it works both ways; it’s definitely acceptable to show off whatever gift you receive for the entirety of Valentines day (although ensure discretion when showing single friends).

3) Skype is a wonderful thing, use it!:
Opinions on the effectiveness of Skype differ, but I personally believe it’s a great way to stay in contact with your partner. Valentines day is certainly no exception, and a morning and evening Skype session, reinforced by texting, might relieve some of the pain. You could even try having a romantic dinner together on Skype. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.

4) Stay AWAY from the couples:
This I cannot stress enough. Avoid cinemas, parks, theatres and above all restaurants. These venues will be teeming with loved up couples, and will evoke nothing but frustration. In fact, it’s probably safer to stay in your room and lock the door, so none of them can find you.

5) Safety in numbers:
On Valentines Day, your true friends are either single or also in long-distance relationships. Stick to them like glue, after all, you’re all in the same position. Arrange something fun to do together; have a Fifa tournament, a film marathon, or just get drunk. The longer your activities go on for, the better, and the closer you’ll eventually get to the safe zone: February the 15th.

Follow these guidelines, and I have complete faith that you’ll make it through this godforsaken day. I’ll see you on the other side!