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Student Diary: Vienna Shelley

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I’m at home during this lockdown, so my routine usually goes something like this. Today I woke up around 7:30AM. Before I did anything else I texted my boyfriend wishing him a good morning as he is usually fast asleep at this time of day. I always have a bottle of water on my desk which I then drink out of to wake myself up, and in an effort to get to 2 litres a day! 

After getting up I went downstairs and made my favourite meal of the day – breakfast. I decided to go with my usual: bran flakes with soy milk topped with nuts and berries, followed by a piece of fruit and toast. Yes, it sounds boring. But I promise I switch it up now and again – bran flakes are just so addictive! 

After breakfast I completed some work as it’s this time of day when the house is quietest and I feel most productive. While working I had a cup of coffee at my side for a quick kick of caffeine, and that really boosted productivity. I have to admit that I’m a big procrastinator so I always need my boyfriend’s help to boost my motivation throughout the day. 

Then came lunch which broke up the studying. I like to make something quick while watching the news or Netflix and feeling fancy I made a salmon and cream cheese sandwich. After I finished my lunch I did more studying and then walked the dog in the late afternoon. It’s lovely and refreshing to get outdoors whilst listening to music or a podcast. Feeling the cold air bite my neck and brush against my face made me feel more awake after being stuck in my room for so long. 

A cup of tea is definitely necessary after a chilly walk; what is a day without tea? My boyfriend and I then FaceTimed. We talked about our day and continued to watch Infinity War which we had started the night before ( I fell asleep). My mum made cottage pie and veg with gravy which was very hearty – I miss this food when I am in uni, mum’s cooking just can’t be beaten. 

At the end of a tiring day of studying I washed my face, cleaned my teeth, and spoke to my boyfriend before going to sleep thinking about this day and the next.