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The Betty’s Tea Room Experience

Photo Credits: Katy Leverett

When people think of York they think of several things. The Minster, the Shambles, the city walls, castle and Bettys. When I told family and friends that I’d chosen York as my first-choice university, everyone would tell me not only what a lovely city York was but that I had to go to Bettys, one of the most well-known tearooms in the country. With two visits cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, I finally managed to go for afternoon tea in the Belmont Room at Betty’s with some course-mates to celebrate our exams ending a few weeks ago. Four of the five of us had never been to Betty’s before so we were all super excited!

The Belmont Room is the pre-bookable part of Betty’s so we were able to bypass the queues for the downstairs café and head straight up a flight of stairs to the right of the building. As we reached the top of the stairs a lobby adorned with small fern plants opened up before us, and a very welcoming lady checked our booking before showing us to our table. The Belmont room is meant to resemble the interior of an old-fashioned cruise ship; the wooden panelled walls trimmed with gold and tapestry style patterns above the panels created the impression that you were sailing on an early mid-twentieth century cruise liner. We felt very fancy as we sat down at our table and were very excited to order our food.

Photo Credits: Katy Leverett

After a few minutes, another hospitable waitress came to take our orders for afternoon tea. We decided to upgrade and order the prosecco afternoon tea for an extra £5 as we felt it was a worthy occasion for it! Two of us ordered the ordinary afternoon tea, two the vegetarian, and one the vegan- they are accommodating of dietary requirements and the food does not disappoint! As well as the prosecco, two of us ordered the rose iced tea in place of the free tea that came with the afternoon tea deal. Again, this tasted amazing, and I would can strongly recommend if you have a taste for fragrant, rose flavoured drinks.

The service was really speedy, after only five minutes of ordering our prosecco arrived at the table. The afternoon tea is beautifully presented on, three tiered stands which consist of a plate of finger sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream and jam and three mini desserts on the top tier. We couldn’t wait to dig in! We felt this was a perfect photo opportunity and took a few of each other with our afternoon tea before tucking in, saving the memory of our time at Betty’s to look back on in the future. Everything was absolutely delicious: my favourites were the cucumber, dill and cream cheese sandwiches and the chocolate cube dessert. By the time we’d finished, we were nearing the end of our allotted time in the Belmont Room, with full, satisfied bellies. For what we’d received, we all felt the price of the Betty’s Afternoon Tea was completely reasonable. After paying we made sure to visit the shop on the ground floor of Betty’s, all buying the famed rascal to enjoy the next day. This was a most enjoyable, novel experience in the city, and whether as a treat after exams or just because, afternoon tea in Betty’s Belmont Room is a must for all York students!

Author: Katy Leverett