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4 Reasons Why You Should be Using G-Cloud

Image: Public Sector Executive
Image: Public Sector Executive

G-Cloud is a UK government initiative aimed at providing public sector bodies with easier access to cloud services. This is achieved via a two-pronged approach. The first is a library of pre-existing frameworks that serve as agreements between public sector bodies and cloud service providers. By using these frameworks, businesses are able to circumvent the usual requirement to put the contract out to tender. The second part of the G-Cloud initiative is the digital market through which public sector bodies can search for the services they need.

Within a year of launching the service, G-Cloud was offering cloud computing services from more than 700 suppliers. The majority of these suppliers, 80% at the time, were small and medium sized businesses. As the service has grown, it has maintained a similar overall percentage of small and mid-sized businesses. If your business provides cloud services, then there are lots of reasons to use G-Cloud.

Your Competitors Will Use It

G-Cloud enables public sector bodies to speed up their search for cloud service providers, saving them from going through a lengthy procurement process that requires the contract to be put out to tender with businesses allowed to bid for it. Needless to say, these public bodies would much rather use G-Cloud than deal with the rigamarole of putting the contract out to tender.

If your business isn’t using G-Cloud, then you can be sure that your competitors will be. If this is the case then, just by virtue of being findable on G-Cloud database, your competitors will be in line to provide services to public sector bodies and you will be nowhere to be seen.

Become Government Approved

In order to be listed on the G-Cloud marketplace, your business will need to adhere to certain guidelines. Meeting these standards means that you can then advertise your business as being G-Cloud improved. This will improve your reputation and the prospects for your business out in the wild.

G -Cloud enables you to supply your services to public sector bodies, but being marked as a G-Cloud accredited supplier will help you in landing contracts with private businesses as well. Any of your competitors who have been too slow to appreciate the usefulness of G-Cloud will be at a disadvantage in the general marketplace if they aren’t G-Cloud accredited and you are.

Make Friends in the Public Sector

Private businesses can often benefit from good relationships with public sector bodies; you never know when they might be able to help you in your professional dealings. Having an extensive network to call upon is something any business can benefit from, but public sector institutions are unique in the way that they operate and can offer you work that is backed up by government contracts.

Save Time and Money

Because you don’t have to go through the usual hurdles of a procurement process, landing jobs for your business through G-Cloud is quicker, easier and cheaper than having to bid for them. You can even partner with a service like UKCloud, who can help you gain access to UK public sector bodies via G-cloud 11.

Providing services to the public sector will put you in a unique position to make contacts and build connections that your business won’t be able to get elsewhere. Businesses who sell cloud computing services find themselves in an incredibly competitive field and have their work cut out trying to stand out from the crowd. Selling services through G-Cloud enables you to sell your services through a digital marketplace. This makes your services visible to anyone searching for them and brings business to you rather than requiring you to go and find it.