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The Greatest Friendship


Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there! How are you? Good? That’s great!

I have to tell you something very, very exciting. Hmm, how do I put it without sounding like I’m bragging. Well, I guess I can’t, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you. I have the best friend in the entire world. Oh, what would I do without her? Yes, I know everyone says that about their best friends, but trust me, my best friend is the best of them all. I know you’ll agree with me after I tell you all about her.

The only bad part about our friendship is that we don’t get to see each other as much as I’d like to. That’s why when she comes to visit, I make sure  my schedule is entirely free so that we can spend time together. Funny thing though, she always comes right before I have something important to do, like reading for a seminar or writing an important essay.

Oh, please, stop questioning what kind of friend would distract their friends when they have important things to do. Hear me out here! Her schedule is crazy full, because, you know, she is very popular and important. She explained to me a couple of times that she makes a huge effort to come and visit me. So what kind of friend would I be if I chose the insignificant things I have to do instead of her.

Besides, it’s such a good thing that she is present in these moments. ‘Cause, you know when you don’t want to start working on the things you have to do? Well, she is always there when this happens to me and she reminds me that there is still plenty of time to do what I have to do. Her motto is ‘If you can do it tomorrow, don’t do it today!’ She’s so wise! I’ve even started living by this motto; that’s how close we are.

I remember one time when I was dreading reading for this seminar, she came over and we stayed up late watching movies one after another. Oh, such good times! Of course I didn’t do the reading in the end. Actually, I ended up not going to the seminar either because I went to bed very late and I couldn’t wake up on time. If I think about it now, it would’ve been better if she came a day later when I didn’t have to do anything for the next day, but, as I said, she makes lots of efforts. She’s such a good friend! Sometimes, I think I don’t deserve her. I mean, look how many things she does for me, like trying to fit me in her very busy schedule. And what do I do? I just give up doing some stupid things that she always reminds me are not that important.

Although, there was this one time when she did mess up. I had to write this essay and, as always, she came to visit right before the deadline. The thing is, after she left I didn’t have enough time to finish the essay before the deadline so I had to submit it late.. That cost me 10% of the marks. I was very upset with her and asked her never to come before a deadline again. Of course she apologised and she promised she will be more careful. I could see how sorry she was. I felt very bad because I realised it wasn’t even her fault. She just wanted to spend time with me and what did I do? Get angry at her for that. She continued to come when I was busy, but I didn’t dare to open the subject again.

Sorry, what are you saying? She sounds familiar? Hmmm, oh, she told me she goes by a lot of names, but usually people call her Procrastination. Really? You know her? That doesn’t surprise me. I told you, she’s very popular. What do you mean she’s not who I think she is, she’s my best friend! Yeah, I do understand what she does to me. She helps me and I refuse to believe otherwise.

Now, excuse me, but she said she will come over tonight. Why, yes, I actually do have to prepare something important for tomorrow. How did you know?