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Three Ways To Make Your Room Feel Like Home

Home Decoration

Image: Pixels

Remember the New Years Resolutions you made? Yes, remember when you promised to get your life together? Well, about 80% of us have already failed our resolutions by February. But with three easy tips to reorganise your room, you won’t have to break another resolution!

Here are three tips to make your room feel like home:


  1. Rearrange your furniture

Okay, I’ll admit this may require some heavy lifting but rearranging your furniture can utilise your room space. Before you start moving your furniture, visualise how everything will fit and be logical. After all, you don’t want your bed facing your window unless you want to be woken up by the glaring sun in the mornings!


  1. Invest in a few bits of home décor

Warm lighting exudes a warm and cosy atmosphere so perhaps consider buying a few colourful lamps and fairy lights. Your bed is the most noticeable piece of furniture people will see when they first walk into your room, so consider purchasing some colourful bed covers and pillows to break away from the mundane walls in your bedroom.


  1. Decorate your room to make your room yours

Everyone puts their own take on their room to make it theirs. Some of you will have photos of you and your friends surrounding every inch of your walls, while some of you prefer a more simplistic approach.

Whatever you decide to choose make it colourful and put your decorative items on display. You don’t need to hide your books, just arrange your books on your bookshelf in colour order. Instead of hiding your makeup away in drawers, organize your makeup into containers and place them on your makeup table (and maybe even buy a small mirror too)! Perhaps you might want to consider purchasing some diffusers or (fake) plants to make your room even cosier.


Now, please stop procrastinating and go sort out that room of yours! You’ll thank me later…