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Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship – open for applications

Looking for something to do with your summer? Do you have a project you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or money to support, or want to pursue research? Are you an undergraduate student at York in your first year (or first/second year if studying a four-year course)? Good news! You’re eligible to apply for the Laidlaw scheme, now in its second year at the University of York. Applications are open until 14th February 2018 for this year’s intake of funded research scholars.

What does the programme consist of?

The scholarship generously funds a five- or six-week research project over summer 2018, and a further five or six weeks further research in summer 2019. This allows you to build upon your initial work and develop the ideas that emerged from it. The programme also includes a leadership course which will land you with a Level 5 management qualification which is highly sought by graduate employers. Develop those endlessly desirable soft skills!

What should I do for my project?

There are two options; you can choose a project from those proposed by researchers at the university, as listed here – these projects already have an academic mentor attached to them. If they don’t take your fancy, or you have another project in mind, you can propose your own – which isn’t as scary as it sounds! Find a lecturer who knows the field you’d like to explore and ask if they’ll be your mentor for the project (they get benefits for doing so, too).

Projects can be in any field or discipline – just take a look at the projects conducted last year to see the range that get accepted!

Is it right for me?

Take a look at York’s Laidlaw website for more details about the scholarship and to see if it’s right for you. If you have any questions, email laidlaw-scholarship@york.ac.uk to talk to the team and they’ll help you out with any worries you have. They can also put you in touch with those who have already completed the programme.

How do I apply?

Head to the website! You have until Wednesday 14th February to submit your application, so there’s plenty of time.

The Laidlaw scholarship is an invaluable experience – it’s a chance to try research without having to pay for a Masters; in fact, you get paid to do it! There’s a huge amount of support available to you and it’s an opportunity to follow your personal passions. Good luck with your applications!