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Why Private Number Plates make a Great Birthday Gift for your Partner

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There are so many ideas when it comes to getting your partner a birthday gift. The problem is that most of these are over-used. How many ties and socks does a man need? Or you might want to go with something more expensive, such as a watch or a suit- but why not go bigger?

This article considers how a personalised number plate could be a unique new idea for your partner- why not buy them one this year!

What is a private or personalised number plate?

A personalised number plate is a custom plate that has anything you want written on it, within what the law allows. For example, most countries do not allow unpleasant words on your number plate. Apart from this, everything else is allowed, including your partner’s name, an important date, or a combination of both.

Consider what the plate will say

Since this will be a gift, it is important that what is on it has some meaning to him, or to the both of you as a couple.

A good option is to go with a combination of his name and favourite number. Or, you could add a combination of his name’s abbreviation and the year you met.

Getting the number plates

Once you know what you want the number plate to say, it is time to get them. There are lots of online number plate dealers you could go to, such as Number 1 Plates. They stock a huge selection of private number plates and their searchable database will get you the exact number plate you want- or one that is as close to it as possible.

If you cannot find the number plate you want on the database and it is important that it is customised to certain specifications, you can also use their online number plate builder. Here, you can design the number plate and get to see what it will look like when it arrives at your door.

Once you find the number plate or have designed your own, it is time to make an order. Keep in mind that most number plate dealers will ask for a 10-20% deposit. This is to ensure they can hold onto your number plate so that someone else cannot register it. This deposit is usually 100% refundable, should the process not go as you envisioned.

Going with a private seller

Sometimes you might need a number plate that is not online, or one that has sentimental value. For example, you might want a number plate from your partner’s birth year. For this, it is always a good option to talk to private sellers.

These sellers usually hold a lot of number plates, thereby increasing your chances of finding the exact number plate you need. Because these transactions are usually between people who do not know each other, you might need to hire a solicitor to hold any funds you send until the whole
process is complete.

This includes filling the relevant forms and having them processed. It also includes doing your due diligence to ascertain that the seller actually has the exact number plate you need.

A few final reasons why a private number plate is the perfect gift

It shows that you think outside the box- it’s so easy to get your partner the same type of gift over and over, so getting them a private number plate shows you are thoughtful and can think of unique gift ideas.

It is completely personal- a private number plate can be customised to add private and personal information which makes it very personal.

It is relatively inexpensive- personalised number plates are usually cheap if you’re not looking for something too specific.

Number plates are transferable- it is possible to transfer the number plate from one car to another. This means your partner can have the number plate on all the cars they’ll ever own.

Some things to remember

Once you have the number plate, you will be issued a V75 certificate. Usually, you have to mention that someone else will be the owner of the car that the number plate will go on. Doing it this way ensures the transfer of the number plate, or even assigning it to a specific car is easy.

Sometimes, the number plate might not be released to you because it may be in your partner’s name. This may spoil the surprise because they need to go and pick it up themselves.

Getting your partner a private number plate is one of the best gifts you could give them. It is different from all other gifts because it can be made as personal as possible. It will also last a lifetime because the private number plates can be transferred to all the cars they will ever own.

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