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YorExplore: YO! Sushi

Photo Credits: PIXABAY

My trip to YO! Sushi was characterised by failing to use chopsticks (I’m getting better- I promise!), countless bowls of Miso soup and some delicious noodles.

Located on a popular area of Church Street, YO! Sushi offers a wide range of Japanese dishes to suit any palette- plus, they offer a student discount! We were greeted by a friendly waiter, who explained the new systems in place for Covid and checked any dietary requirements- they offer several Vegan dishes, which is unexpected from a sushi restaurant!

The seating centres around a large, open kitchen so that you can see your food being prepared. The conveyer belt, which starts in the kitchen and loops around the seating area, has a coloured light system. When your food is on its way, it turns amber, and when it’s ready, it turns green. This saves you from accidentally eating somebody else’s meal!

We ordered contactless through a QR code on the table, which takes you to an online menu. There were lots of choices, ranging from vegetarian dishes to Japanese fried chicken. I started with the Chicken Gyoza, which are chicken and vegetable filled dumplings with soy vinegar dipping sauce. These were extremely tasty and are a great choice if you’re not a big sushi fan!

Photo Credits: Marti Stelling

My friend ordered the Dragon Roll, which is a California Roll topped with fresh salmon, shichimi powder & spring onion, as well as the unlimited Miso Soup (which we definitely utilised!) After watching my friend holler the waiter for his umpteenth refill, I decided to order the Chicken Yakisoba noodles. These were incredible, with lots of different stir-fried vegetables and a slightly spicy sauce.

Photo Credits: Marti Stelling

It was my first time trying Miso, and I would describe it as quite salty but a good side for any dish. It consists of wakame, spring onion and tofu, which adds an interesting dimension to the dish. I really commend the waiting staff who were so kind every time we called them over for a refill!

Pricewise, YO! is a little higher on the price scale for the portion size; however, the option of free refills on Miso made it a little more palatable. Plus, it’s not every day that you get to try different cuisines and eat your food from little spaceship dishes! Student discount is an absolute godsend when it comes to eating out at uni. I’d recommend downloading the Student Beans app for this reason.

YO! Sushi doesn’t just sell Japanese-style food; they also sell authentic Japanese drinks. We ordered a bottle of Sake, which is made from fermented rice. This has a slightly sweet taste and is a whole other world away from the local pub we’d just come away from. They also has a variety of deserts, though we were too full by this point to take full advantage. From Dorayaki Pancakes and Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi to fresh fruit and brownies, they have every sweet tooth covered.

Whether you’re a sushi-connoisseur, or just want to try something different, YO! Sushi in York is a great place to share a meal with friends.