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Burglary Hotspots in York : How does the city compare to the UK?

Mansys: IT Support York
Mansys: IT Support York

New data has revealed which York postcode areas are most likely to suffer from burglaries in 2019.

Data created by MoneySuperMarket took into consideration over 2.5 million home insurance quotes nationwide and revealed that York and its surrounding postcodes more than hold their own against the rest of the UK in terms of safety and security.

You can take a look below at the Top 10 most likely postcodes within 25 miles of York city centre to be affected by burglary.

Five out of the ten “most likely affected” postcodes actually feature outside of the Top 100, meaning that burglaries are still a very unlikely event to happen in these areas. However, there are a few postcode areas in which residents should be vigilant.

People living within the postcode areas LS23, DN6, and YO30 have higher than a 2% chance of being affected by burglary. Whilst this may not seem like a particular worrying percentage, it does place them in a higher than average bracket and therefore precautions should be taken.

Emma Garland, Data Scientist at MoneySuperMarket, commented on the statistics: “Over the past 12 months, burglars have mostly been targeting suburbs and urban areas, with the safest areas dominated by smaller towns and villages.

“Anyone that has ever been burgled will tell you that the cost goes beyond the value of the items stolen, from the psychological impact of your home being violated to the difficulty of replacing things with sentimental value.

“For thieves, it’s all about risk versus reward – if the reward looks likely to exceed the risk, they are going to target that home. Homeowners must do as much as possible to tip the balance in their favour and make things harder for burglars.

If you take precautions – such as fitting new door and window locks, installing bar windows where necessary and using security cameras – you can reduce both your contents insurance and your anxiety about getting burgled. Looking for the best deal possible at every renewal will also help keep premiums low.”

Take a look at how your postcodes burglary rate compares to the rest by taking a look at the tool here https://www.moneysupermarket.com/home-insurance/burglary-hotspots/

This article was produced in collaboration with Ben Campbell.