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York Vision latest issue criticised after it asks students to ‘send nudes’

Credit: University of York Radio (URY)
Credit: URY
Credit: URY

York Vision faces criticism after its latest edition, published October 19 2018, asked its readers to ‘send nudes’. The request was printed on the back page of the paper, underneath was printed ‘Got nudes? Vision needs you’. 

An online version of the article, which has since been deleted, called for students to send naked pictures of themselves for their new ‘Nude Review’ which they would then publish ‘alongside a review from our team’, including tips on ‘how to up your game’.

The recent edition, Issue 266, including the criticised online article, has since been taken down from York Vision‘s website. However, the article was screenshotted and posted through Twitter. Copies of the paper have also been removed from campus.

The University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) Sabbatical Team posted a response to the edition, saying they were:

“disturbed and disappointed by today’s edition of York Vision. This is not in keeping with the jounalistic standards of York student media or YUSU’s values and commitment to creating an inclusive environment to our students.”

The Sabbatical Team also voiced their concerns that the posted pictures may be used for “revenge porn”.

York Vision has before faced criticism for failing to meet print deadlines and for its controversial content. The Sabbatical Team claimed in their statement that the edition was published without the appropriate sign off required for all Issues of the paper. They also called on York Vision to “consider their editorial practices in the future.”

York Vision and representatives of YUSU have been contacted for comment.