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Campus newspaper disputes allegation of transphobia

Photo credit: Jack Harvey
Photo credit: Jack Harvey
Photo credit: Jack Harvey

Campus newspaper York Vision has been accused of writing a “misleading” article concerning a fellow paper’s coverage of the University of York Student Union (YUSU) 2016 elections, for which two formal apologies are expected.

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, the University of York student newspaper Nouse contends that comments concerning the alleged transphobia of the paper, as reported on Tuesday by York Vision, were in fact never made.

Nouse argues that a student did not claim that, during the interviews of candidates on the university radio, the newspaper “constantly misgendered” two individuals:

The accusations were false. The student who was quoted as making these accusations has since said that they did not make any claim to York Vision that Nouse misgendered anyone. They said York Vision “misquoted and misrepresented” them in respect of these accusations.

According to NouseYork Vision has since taken all mention of the former paper down from the online version of the article in question. However, the printed edition of its latest issue, which can be viewed on the website, confirms that York Vision did report an accusation of transphobia against NouseNouse is seeking the a “full apology” in both the next printed edition of York Vision and on the Internet.

Furthermore, Nouse seeks a second printed and online apology for a second mishap on behalf of their fellow campus paper. Following York Vision‘s article, Nouse refused to publish anonymously an article written by a transgender student; Nouse deems this “misleading” and contends:

Nouse does not have a policy of publishing any articles anonymously (Nouse is currently in discussion about how anonymity could be implemented where appropriate), and the senior editorial decision was made without any knowledge that the student in question was trans. No discrimination of any kind took place.

This news comes shortly after The York Union, the independent student organisation known for hosting debates and lectures on campus featuring renowned speakers, released a statement of its own, to deny allegations of transphobia expressed in the same York Vision article, about which its committee were not informed prior to the article’s publication.

Both newspapers are regulated by the University of York Student Union (YUSU).

Nouse‘s full statement can be read here.