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Children’s University returns to York

Photo credit: www.childrensuniversityblog.blogspot.com
Photo credit: www.childrensuniversityblog.blogspot.com
Photo credit: www.childrensuniversityblog.blogspot.com

York Children’s University (York CU) is due to return this week, with a variety of free events programmed to run until the 18th November. The purpose of the programme is to “promote curiosity and a love of learning in children,” its organisers say.

The series of events will be organised by the employee-volunteering charity York Cares. In total, this year seven events will take place, across the city aimed at children aged 5-14, with three of these sessions led by student volunteers from the University of York.

The creative and enjoyable events will range from a Roald Dahl storytelling session, led by  the creative writing group Inkwell, to an arts and crafts class with the volunteering group Artistic Autistic. All of the experiences will occur outside the confines of the normal school day.

Ollie Kossoff, a second year Psychology student, who  volunteers with Artistic Autistic, and will be running a session himself later this week, commented:

“We are really excited to be running an interactive family session as part of Children’s University in the City. Artistic Autistic is a student-run company working with Peter Myers, an artist within the community with Asperger’s syndrome, so he is able to hand draw detailed and precise artwork. Our aim is to raise awareness for a still poorly-understood condition and remove any stigmas. This is done through art-based workshops that both educate children on autism, encouraging everyone to celebrate their differences rather than hide them away.”

More than 400 children and parents were involved in York CU events in 2015. York CU works as part of a national scheme led by the CU Trust, whose mission statement is “to raise aspirations in children through short, fun, innovative activities”.