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Conservatives Secure York Outer

Wikimedia Commons

Despite Labour’s success in York Central under Rachael Maskell with 42.4% of the vote, York Outer will remain Conservative under Julian Sturdy.


The exit polls released at 10.00pm last night revealed the overwhelming popularity of David Cameron’s Conservative Party, and at 11.00am this morning they gained the 323 seat majority needed to form a government.

Cameron will resume his role as Prime Minister and is currently in talks with the Queen. Labour’s Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and UKIP leader Nigel Farage have all resigned.

The results for the York Outer constituency, encompassing both university campuses and other student areas such as Tang Hall and Fulford, are reflective of the national result.

Despite the many Green Party posters displayed across campus, Green Party candidate Ginnie Shaw won 2,558 votes, translating into a 4.7% share of the total vote.

Conservative candidate Julian Sturdy won with an overwhelming 49% of the vote, followed by Labour candidate Joe Riches, who gained 24%.

Sturdy will continue to hold the York Outer area. He said,

It has been an absolute honour and privilege to represent the wonderful constituency of York Outer over the last five years.

Sturdy’s priorities include addressing the traffic issue in the city, protecting the surrounding countryside and improving broadband infrastructure for the more rural areas within the constituency.

The results of the York Council election will be released later today.