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Derek Chauvin Trial: Day One

Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the world was outraged, holding vigils and raising their voices at the endless brutality faced by the black community at the hands of the police force in the US.

Now, at Derek Chauvin’s trial, accused of second-degree murder, there are two questions. What exactly killed George Floyd and did Chauvin use excessive force?

Day 1: March 29 Day

Prosecutors said that Chauvin held his knee on Floyd for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds, forty-three seconds longer than reported initially. Jerry Blackwell (prosecuting attorney) showed the court the video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck and said that this was proof alone that he was using excessive force. The defence claimed that it was Floyd’s drug use and health issues that caused him to die. They also claimed that Chauvin and the other police officers were distracted by the crowd that had formed.

Prosecutors called Jena Scurry to stand witness. Scurry the 911 dispatcher who dispatched police to the scene of the suspected counterfeit bill. She testified that she was concerned when she saw on her monitors the reaction of the responding offers. She said that her “instincts were telling me that something was wrong.”.

Written by Caitlin Curtis