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Derek Chauvin Trial: Day Two

Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

Day 2: March 30 

Judge Peter Cahill ruled that four witnesses who were minors on the day of George Floyd’s death may testify but only off camera. One of the four witnesses recorded the video of Floyd’s death when she was 17. Two of the witnesses are now 18.

Darnella Frazier, who recorded the video, said that she could hear Floyd saying that he couldn’t breathe and crying out for his mother. She broke out in tears, saying that she was sorry that she didn’t do more to try to save him. Frazier said that every time she sees the video, she thinks of her own family. She said it upsets her to think of how the men in her family, as men of colour, could have been in that exact situation.

Another witness Donald Williams told jurors that it was clear that Floyd was in “tremendous pain” and that he could see him gasping for air. He had called 911 and said that he believed that he had witnessed a murder.

Defence attorney Eric Nelson showed a video of Williams mocking Chauvin, calling him a ‘tough guy. Nelson insinuated that Williams was an unreliable witness as he was too angry in the moment, to which Williams responded, “I stayed in my body. You can’t pin me out to be angry”.

Genevieve Hansen, an off-duty firefighter came upon the scene on May 25th. She said that she thought that Chauvin looked “so comfortable” whilst leaning on George Floyd’s neck. She said that she regretted not calling 911 immediately. She was later warned by the judge for arguing with the court.

Written by Caitlin Curtis