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Flood report: Fulford, Fishergate and the Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge
The end of St. Oswald’s Road. leading to Love Lane (now underwater). Photo credit: Jack Harvey

Fulford remains largely free of floodwater but anyone living on the edges near the river will still experience the effects of the flooding for some time to come.

At the south of Fulford, flooding has caused traffic to be diverted elsewhere. Consequently the district is quieter than usual. From the Conservative Club down to The Saddle Inn, no floodwater has impeded the area. Broadway and Heslington Lane, the two main lanes for access to the University of York campus, are not flooded, meaning that student residents are, all things being well, able to reach the main campus.

At the foot of St. Oswald’s Road, a large pool of floodwater has formed, totally removing Love Lane from sight. Some local residents have deployed a boat (pictured above) in order to get about. The connection between Love Lane and Broadway West is also now a swamp (see below), though this is now residue water from previous flooding rather than the edges of the overflowing Ouse.

The woodland path to the riverside walk from Broadway West. Photo credit: Jack Harvey

The local branches of ALDI and Iceland have not been affected by the water, though in many cases, shelves are not fully stocked, likely because resupplying delivery vans’ routes have been altered.

It is possible to reach the Millennium Bridge from Maple Grove, though access from Hospital Fields Road is more difficult. There is a sharp divide between Ambrose Street and Farndale Street and the submerged riverbank (pictured below). The Ouse has covered the banks, making it impossible to tell where the bank ends and the real river begins – in any case, wading through water that is above ankle-height is not advised.

The west side of the Millennium Bridge. Photo credit: Jack Harvey

The Millennium Bridge is accessible and it is safe to walk or cycle across it, though walkers and cyclists will be confronted with giant puddles on the Terry Street side. Only the main ends of the bridge can be used safely: the steps descending from the Terry Street side will lead a walker down into deep water (see below).

Steps to the west side of the Millennium Bridge. Photo credit: Jack Harvey

The entirety of the South Bank riverside walk has been smothered by the overflowing river. Streetlamps light the now-invisible way (pictured below). Most cyclists who cross the bridge reluctantly turn back and cycle the long way around to get home.

The flooded riverside walk. Photo credit: Jack Harvey

Fishergate too is mostly dry, but some roads will take a driver into the overflowed River Ouse, as seen below. The Novogate hotel car park and the road near the Piccadilly Travelodge are no longer flooded and traffic is moving steadily here.

Photo credit: Jack Harvey

Overall Fulford has escaped much of the damage and distress that other areas of York have suffered. Most of the areas around Fulford that are underwater will be cleared. However, with the forecast indicating that heavy rain and storms are soon to come, Fulford may not be so lucky in the near future. The Millennium Bridge has survived the flooding though a small rise in water levels on either side will make access to both sides of the bridge redundant.

All information correct as of 29th Dec. 2015. Heavy rain is expected this week – conditions may change.