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Launch of Volume 6 of The Looking Glass Anthology

The Looking Glass Anthology is a creating writing anthology created for and by University of York Students. It was created in 2009 and has produced a volume of work annually since then, each Volume learning and developing from the last. It includes various types of creative writing, such as poems, fiction and plays, as well as a cover competition. The Looking Glass Anthology has become a self-sufficient society since fundraising over £600 with YuStart during Volume 5’s production so they can now print without the help of YUSU.

The Volume produced over the last academic year (2014/5) is Volume 6. The artwork for the cover was designed by Christine Tan. It is a photograph of the university campus, specifically Cnetral Hall and the lake, but it is rotated. Christine Tan both took the photograph and designed it to create the final image below.

The Looking Glass Anthology volume 6

Being Editor in Chief of The Looking Glass this past year has been a privilege, and everyone involved in the anthology’s production made it a pleasure. I would like to thank the fantastic editorial team members for their insightful feedback and for making our meetings truly enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who submitted their writing for entrusting us with your work and for ensuring that the anthology retains its high reputation.” – Editor in Chief, Lois Ollerenshaw

The Looking Glass Anthology demonstrates beautifully the way the young person thinks and feels, this anthology is not merely for individual artistic recognition of writerly talent, it can help us understand the consequences of living in this multifaceted world. – The Zahir on Volume 4

The Looking Glass Anthology, Volume Five, goes a considerable way towards transcending boundaries between problems of categorisation such as themes, understandings of the canon, form, and the identity of the writers, choosing to focus instead upon the identity of the texts themselves, which seems to release the anthology from imprisoning domains. – The Narrator on Volume 5

The Looking Glass Anthology is having a launch party in the Norman Rea Gallery at 7pm on Saturday 10th October (https://www.facebook.com/events/434021650119928/) and everyone is invited.

If you want any more information about The Looking Glass Anthology then check out their website (www.thelookingglass.org.uk) or email them at lookingglass@yusu.org.