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Milo Yiannopoulos cancels York appearance

Image credit: The Tab
Image credit: The Tab

An event hosting the speaker and Breitbart commentator Milo Yiannopoulos in the city of York has been cancelled.

Yiannopoulos was due to speak on Wednesday 9th of March on the topic of free speech on American University campuses which in his view is “dying”.

However, the event’s organisers, Jocal, a student-run online magazine, announced yesterday evening via Facebook that Yiannopoulos had been taken ill and had to cancel the remainder of his tour, including his visit to York.

Three hundred people expressed their interest in attending the event, with just under 150 individuals stating that they were ‘going’ on the Facebook event. Tickets were available at £2.78 each.

Yiannopoulos is a journalist and writer, well-known for his authorship of a number of contentious articles on the topics of feminism, mental health and sexuality. He has contributed to the conservative online outlet Breitbart and makes regular appearances on television.

Following the cancellation of International Men’s Day celebrations at the University of York, Yiannopoulos wrote an article for Breitbart in November 2015 on the suicide of a York student, connecting it to the University’s alleged lack of concern for men’s health. He was invited to speak at the University by the United Kingdom Independence Party Society (UKIP Soc) on the subject entitled ‘Militant Feminism is Driving the Sexes Apart’.

Hundreds of students intended to demonstrate against the journalist’s visit to the University of York, with one event organised by the York Student Socialist Society to be attended by approximately two hundred people. However, as the UKIP Society could not afford to pay for expenses and door security for its event, Yiannopoulos was unable to visit the campus.

Since the UKIP Society withdrew its attempt to bring the journalist to the York campus, several other individuals and groups have sought to host Yiannopoulos. Fans of Yiannopoulos will be optimistic about a future visit to York. Jocal wrote on Facebook:

We are in contact with Milo’s agent about rescheduling and will announce a new date shortly. Those of you who’ve bought tickets, they will be valid at this future date if you can make it. If not we will give a full refund.

Jocal is an online magazine founded by Joonsoo Yi and Callum Shannon. Two articles have been dedicated to Milo Yiannopoulos on the magazine’s website. In one article, Nicholas Markle writes that Yiannopoulos is here “to make the internet great again, restore parity on college campuses, and maybe meet a few “persons of color” along the way.”