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Natalie Bennett speaks at the University of York

Image credit: The Independent
Image credit: The Independent
Image credit: The Independent

Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, has visited the University of York in a discussion hosted by YorkX, an emerging independent student-run society.

The Green Party leader spoke at Alcuin College with YorkX’s founder Akul Pankhania about politics and her party before taking a number of questions from an audience of staff and students. YSTV captured the evening on film.

YorkX is a new organisation founded by First Year PEP students Akul Pankhania and Ilyas Ibrahim, seeking to “connect a credible academic audience” in York “with prominent figures of culture and politics.”

YorkX appeared on Facebook and Twitter in the middle of March. This term, the project formally launches: on the 11th of April, YorkX’s website went live and details for YorkX’s first event were be made public.

YorkX is split into three divisions: YorkRead, YorkTalk and YorkWatch. YorkRead is an online journal to which students and academics alike may submit content. Unlike many academic journals, there are no word limits or deadlines, with contributors to YorkX passing on their work at their own pace. YorkTalk promises to play host to “high profile” characters from not just politics but from many other avenues of culture and society. YorkWatch will broadcast video footage of YorkX’s talkshows online.

YorkX have released images of Akul Pankhania and Natalie Bennett on the campus and in student accommodation before her talk today.

This is the most recent of Natalie Bennett’s visits to the city and university campus. in 2015 she was present on a panel, including the 2015 Conservative candidate for York Central Robert McIlveen, James Blanchard of the Liberal Democrats and  for a debate on economics and climate change, titled ‘Energy, Poverty and Climate Change’, hosted by the Catholic Students and Anglican Societies.

In October 2014 Bennett came to announce the Green Party’s candidates for York Central and York Outer, Jonathan Tyler and Ginnie Shaw (respectively), in the 2015 General Election. Speaking to a full audience in the Exhibition Centre, Bennett explained the Green Party’s main commitments. The event was recorded by YSTV.

Bennett also participated in an episode of the BBC show Question Time, hosted at the University of York, in 2013.

YorkX will host Moazzam Begg, a former prisoner of Guantanamo Bay, on the 27th of April. Previously advertised to the public, the event will now only be available to staff and students with identification.

A summary and review of YorkX’s event with Natalie Bennett will feature on The Yorker‘s website shortly.